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Stevo In Yr Stereo 4 November 2006
(art by siys, from a photo by Deya)

The Main CD Library 20 March 2010

This shelf is 8' x 6' and contains all regular artist & band CDs in jewel cases from A-Z.
The top row contains all regular and compilation CDs in cardboard and special packaging.
The bottom last three section contain all CD singles in jewel cases.

Elsewhere are all Compilations, Soundtracks, cardboard Singles, Halloween, CD-Rs and much more in storage!

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7 June 2008 7:00 PM - 11:04 PM "Mind-Altering Music" The Residents "Smell My Picture" Listening Party
siys - ID inno
The Residents (For Elsie) - For Elsie
siys - ID
The Residents (Poor Kaw-Liga's Pain) - Kaw-Liga (Prairie Mix)
siys - ID
The Residents (In Between Screams) - In Between Screams
siys - ID
The Residents (Smell My Picture) - Pardon Me / Twilight Zone / Jam On Sunday Afternoon /
      Dream 3 / Piano Doodle / Lazy Morning / Pass The Peanuts / Moose / In An Ugly Mood /
      Calling All Aliens / Radio Drama / Brasilia / Bourban Street / Sour Smell / Dream 4 /
      Smell My Picture / Guitar Picnic / The Rubber Robber
siys - ID
The Residents (Assorted Secrets) - God Song / The Letter / Ship's A' Goin' Down / Bach Is Dead /
      Birthday Boy / Constantinople / Die In Terror / Give It To Someone Else / Festival Of Death /
      Smack Your Lips / Song Of The Wild / Happy Home / Mark Of The Mole Part 1 /
      Mark Of The Mole Part 2 / Mark Of The Mole Part 3
siys - ID
The Residents (The Snakey Wake) - Lament
siys - ID
The Residents (Holy Kiss Of Flesh) - Holy Kiss Of Flesh
siys - ID
The Residents (Blowoff) - Blowoff
siys - ID outro

As of Saturday 31 May 2008 I have officially resigned "Mind-Altering Music"
from the WARP Radio Network. I would like to thank DJ Zath, WARP owner,
for all his support and freedom he afforded my doing the program. Special
thanks to Adam for scheduling and support!! Thanks to all who came and
listened and shared in the good times!!! Thank you WARP Radio Network.

24 May 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music" 
Webcast on Ustream - WARP & SIYS!
siys - ID inno
Revolting Cocks (Big Sexy Land) - Union Carbide (Bhopal Version)
Bauhaus (Bela Lugosi's Dead single) - Bela Lugosi's Dead
The Residents (Stars & Hank Forever) - Six More Miles To The Graveyard
Joy Division (Substance 1977-1980) - Dead Souls
Strawbs (Ghosts) - Ghosts
The Beatles (Revolver) - I'm Only Sleeping
U2 (Pop) - Staring At The Sun
Stone Temple Pilots (Core) - Wicked Garden
Vanilla Fudge (Classic Comp 12.3.02) - Season Of The Witch
The Damned (Phantasmagoria) - Grimly Fiendish
David Bowie (Earthling) - I'm Afraid Of Americans
siys - ID
Rocky Horror Cast (Monster Hits) - Time Warp
Matthew Sweet (100% Fun) - Lost My Mind
Kode IV (Insane) - Insane
A Certain Ratio (Up In Downsville) - Manik
Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here) - Shine On You Crazy Diamond (Part I-V) / Welcome To The Machine
Tears For Fears (Tears Roll Down - Greatest Hits 82-92) - Everybody Wants To Rule The World
Alice Cooper (Billion Dollar Babies) - Elected
Elton John (Goodbye Yellow Brick Road) - All The Girls Love Alice
George Harrison (All Things Must Pass) - I Dig Love
John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band) - Mother
siys - ID
Crosby, Stills & Nash (Crosby, Stills & Nash) - 49 Bye-Byes
The Bee Gees (Sounds Of The Seventies - 1970) - Lonely Days
The Doors (The Doors) - Twentieth Century Fox
The Spencer Davis Group (1967: Shakin' All Over) - I'm A Man
The Smiths (The Queen Is Dead) - The Boy With The Thorn In His Side
Severed Heads (Come Visit The Big Bigot with Dead Eyes Open) - Come Visit The Big Bigot
Renaissance (Scheherazade And Other Stories) Ocean Gypsy
Bill Nelson (Heartbreakland) - Love's Immortal Shining Angel
Led Zeppelin (Physical Graffiti) - Houses Of The Holy
Focus (Hamburger Concerto) - Hamburger Concerto
Jethro Tull (Stand Up) - Bouree
siys - ID
David Bowie (Tonight) - Loving The Alien
Pulsar (Halloween) - Halloween (Part 1)
Bauhaus (1979-1983 Volume One) - Mask
Medicine (The Crow) - Time Baby III
The One World Orchestra (Help) - The Magnificent
KMFDM (Naive) - Naive
Thought Industry (Songs For Insects) - Cornerstone
Tuxedomoon (Desire / No Tears) - Desire
Eno (Here Come The Warm Jets) - Needle In The Camel's Eye
Pink Floyd (Atom Heart Mother) - If
siys - ID outro

17 May 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music" First Annual Gizzer Blinkie Special
Webcast on WARP Ustream only!
siys - ID inno
Eno (Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)) - The Great Pretender
      [Nuke request in honor of Eno's 60th Bday 15 May!]
Robert Fripp / The League Of Gentlemen (God Save The King) - Under Heavy Manners
U2 (War) - Sunday Bloody Sunday
The Smiths (Meat Is Murder) - Barbarism Begins At Home
New Order (Power, Corruption & Lies) - Ultraviolence
Yello (Zebra) - Tremendous Pain
Moev (Yeah Whatever) - Crucify Me
Chris & Cosey (Trust) - Watching You
Recoil (Bloodline) - Electro Blues For Bukka White
Massive Attack (Protection) - Karmacoma
Greater Than One (G-Force) - Alpha 5
siys - ID
The Movement (The Movement) - Jump!
Beastie Boys (Ill Communication) - Sure Shot
ELpH vs Coil (Worship The Glitch) - The Halliwell Hammers (2)
Meat Beat Manifesto (Actual Sounds + Voices) - Everything's Under Control / Prime Audio Soup
Ministry (Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs) - Jesus Built My Hotrod
Delerium (Karma) - Koran
Dead Can Dance (The Serpent's Egg) - In The Kingdom Of The Blind The One-Eyed Are Kings
Bel Canto (Shimmering, Warm & Bright) - Unicorn
The Cranberries (Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We?) - Pretty
Bush (Razorblade Suitcase) - Swallowed
Stone Temple Pilots (No 4) - Glide
The Cure (Staring At The Sea - The Singles) - Boys Don't Cry
Lush (Spooky) - Tiny Smiles
siys - ID
R.E.M. (Out Of Time) - Belong
Third Eye Blind (Third Eye Blind) - How's It Going To Be
David Bowie (Fame And Fashion) - Changes
Gong (Shapeshifter) - Can You : You Can
Pet Shop Boys (Bilingual) - It Always Comes As A Surprise
Howie B (Snatch) - She Called Again
Click Click (Wet Skin And Curious Eye) - Sweet Stuff (Remix)
William Orbit (Strange Cargo) - Via Caliente
The Legendary Pink Dots ("Asylum") - Golden Dawn
Frank Zappa (Jazz From Hell) - Night School
The Residents (Eat Exuding Oinks! - Ralph Records' 1977 Radio Special) - Whoopie Snorp
MC 900 Ft. Jesus With DJ Zero (Hell With The Lid Off) - Truth Is Out Of Style
siys - ID
Klaus Schulze (Dune) - Dune
Ash Ra Tempel (Le Berceau De Cristal) - Silent Sauvage
Jean Michel Jarre (Rendez-Vous) - First Rendez-Vous / Second Rendez-Vous Part I
      Second Rendez-Vous Part II / Second Rendez-Vous Part III / Second Rendez-Vous Part IV
Tangerine Dream (Quinoa) - Lhasa
siys - ID outro

10 May 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
Webcast on Ustream!
siys - ID inno
Blue Oyster Cult (Heavy Metal Memories) - Cities On Flame With Rock And Roll
Jethro Tull (Original Masters) - Too Old To Rock 'N' Roll, Too Young To Die
Traffic (The Low Spark Of High Heeled Boys) - Hidden Treasure
The Moody Blues (The Best Of...) - Isn't Life Strange
Leon Russell (Sounds Of The Seventies - FM Rock III) - Stranger In A Strange Land
Joe Cocker (Sounds Of The Seventies - 1970: Take Two) - Cry Me A River (live)
Janis Joplin (Greatest Hits) - Piece Of My Heart
Lynyrd Skynyrd (Flashback - Rock Classics Of The '70s) - Freebird
Boston (Greatest Hits) - Foreplay/Longtime
David Bowie (Detroit Rock City) - Rebel Rebel
Roxy Music (Sounds Of The Seventies - FM Rock III) - Out Of The Blue
New Order (Salvation) - Let's Go
siys - ID
Moby (Hotel) - Temptation
Electronic (Cool World) - Disappointed
Ministry (Twelve Inch Singles 1981-1984) - Nature Of Love
Arturo Bastard (The Name Is Bastard!) - I Am Bastard
Oasis (Definitely Maybe) - Slide Away
Elvis (Elv1s - 30 #1 Hits) - A Little Less Conversation (JXL Radio Edit Remix)
The Chemical Brothers (Dig Your Own Hole) - Dig Your Own Hole
Breakbeat Era (Ultra-Obscene) - Past Life
The Timelords (The History Of The Jams) - Doctorin' The Tardis
Thievery Corporation (Abductions And Reconstructions) - David Byrne - Dance On Vasoline
      (Thievery Corporation Remix)
Cocteau Twins (Heaven Or Las Vegas single) - Heaven Or Las Vegas (Edit)
Tom Bailey (Cool World) - Industry And Seduction
Cabaret Voltaire (Salvation) - Jesus Saves
siys - ID
Tears For Fears (Sounds Of The Eighties - The Rockin' Eighties) - Shout
Talk Talk (Living In Oblivion - The 80's Greatest Hits Volume 3) - It's My Life
Wire (Never Mind The Mainstream... The Best Of MTV 120 Minutes Vol. 2) - Eardrum Buzz
Cracker (Clueless) - Shake Some Action
Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream) - Today
Pink Floyd (Animals) - Pigs On The Wing (Part One) / Dogs
Faust (IV) - Jennifer
Todd Rundgren (Initiation) - Eastern Intrigue
The Rolling Stones (Jump Back - The Best Of...) - Emotional Rescue
Paul McCartney (Wingspan - Hits And History) - Jet
siys - ID
The Animals (The Best Of 60s Psychedelic Rock) - Sky Pilot
The 5th Dimension (Flower Power) - Aquarias/Let The Sunshine In (The Flesh Failures)
Three Dog Night (Vintage Music Volumes 9 & 10) - One
Cream (Rock Revival 1) -  Sunshine Of Your Love
The Who (The Best Of...) - My Generation
Grand Funk Railroad (Collectors Series) - Footstompin' Music
Led Zeppelin (IV) - Black Dog
James Gang (Sounds Of the Seventies - FM Rock III) - The Bomber
Deep Purple (Flashback - Rock Classics Of The '70s) - Smoke On The Water
Mountain (Heavy Metal Memories) - Mississippi Queen
Canned Heat (Sounds Of The Seventies - 1970: Take Two) - Let's Work Together
Steppenwolf (16 Greatest Hits) - Move Over
ZZ Top (The Best Of...) - Tush
Black Oak Arkansas (Hot & Nasty: The Best Of...) - Jim Dandy
War (The Best Of... And More) - Spill The Wine
The Monkees (The Essential...) - Pleasant Valley Sunday
Crispy Ambulance (Comprising...) - Concorde Square (detail)
siys - ID outro

3 May 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
Daevid Allen (Banana Moon) - Stoned Innocent Frankenstein
Talking Heads (Fear Of Music) - Drugs
New Order (Brotherhood) - Angel Dust
Primal Scream (Screamadelica) - Higher Than The Sun
Moby (Early Underground) - Drug Fits The Face
Stone Temple Pilots (Tiny Music... Songs From The Vatican Gift Shop) - Trippin' On A Hole
      In A Paper Heart
Nine Inch Nails ("The Perfect Drug" Versions) - The Perfect Drug (Spacetime Continuum)
Rammstein (Lost Highway) - Rammstein (Edit)
Peter Gabriel (So) - We Do What We're Told (Milgram's 37)
Morrissey ("Bona Drag") - The Last Of The International Playboys
Nirvana (Nevermind) - Breed
Alice In Chains (Dirt) - Them Bones
Red Hot Chili Peppers (Blood Sugar Sex Magick) - Blood Sugar Sex Magick
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult ('Cuz It's Hot) - A Girl Doesn't Get Killed By A Make-Believe
      Lover... 'Cuz It's Hot
siys - ID
Skinny Puppy (Cleanse Fold And Manipulate) - First Aid
Fierce Ruling Diva (Revolt Of The Perverse) - Freebient
Consolidated (Friendly Fascism) - We Gotta Have Peace
The Ramones (Greatest Hits) - Blitzkrieg Bop
Focus (Supernatural Fairy Tales - The Progressive Rock Era Sampler) - Hocus Pocus
Ultimate Spinach (Behold & See) - Fifth Horseman Of The Apocalypse
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - Julia
Neil Young (Harvest) - Heart Of Gold
The Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers) - Sway
Black Sabbath (Greatest Hits 1970-1978) - Paranoid
Lords Of Acid (Lust) - I Must Increase My Bust
Frank Zappa (Have I Offended Someone?) - Dumb All Over (live)
The Residents (Intermission) - Lights Out
Moodswings (Moodfood) - Skinthieves
siys - ID
The Orb (Assassin single) - Assassin (Radio 7 Edit)
Kode IV (Scratch Attack single) - Scratch Attack (Fade To Black Mix)
T99 (Slidy single) - Slidy (Extended Version)
AFX (Analogue Bubblebath 3 single) - .215061
80 Aum (Mindcontroller single) - Teknophobia
Technogod (Intoxigen single) - Pueblocide (Frescado Tostado Mix)
Deee-Lite (Runaway / Rubber Lover single) - Runaway (Greyhound Extended Mix)
Die Warzau (Funkopolis single) - Aye Corrido
Click Click (Yakutska / Change Of Plan single) - Yakutska
Banco De Gaia (Last Train To Lhasa) - Kuos (Gnomes Mix) / Kincajou (Duck! Asteroid) (detail)
siys - ID
Manuel Goettsching (E2-E4) - Quiet Nervousness/Moderate Start/...And Central Game/Promise/
      Queen A Pawn/Glorious Fight/H.R.H. Retreats (With A Swing...)/...And Sovereignty/Draw
siys - ID outro

Dedicated to Don Cook, former Program Director of KTBA who passed away this day.
29 June 1946 - 3 May 2008

26 April 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
Chicago Transit Authority (Chicago Transit Authority) - Introduction
King Crimson (Larks' Tongues In Aspic) - Book Of Saturdays
Rolling Stones (Exile On Main Street) - Rocks Off
Pavlov's Dog (Pampered Menial) - Fast Gun
Chris & Cosey (Exotika) - Vengeance (Extended)
Severed Heads (Bad Mood Guy) - Mad Dad Mangles A Stad
New Order (Substance) - Hurt
Depeche Mode (Violator) - Personal Jesus
Smashing Pumpkins (Pisces Iscariot) - Obscured
U2 (The Unforgettable Fire) - Pride
Cocteau Twins (Blue Bell Knoll) - Athol-Brose
Dead Can Dance (A Passage In Time) - Spirit
siys - ID
Aphrodite's Child (666) - The Seventh Seal / Aegian Sea / Seven Bowls / The Awakening Beast /
      Lament / The Marching Beast / The Battle Of The Locus / Do It / Tribulation / The Beast /
Popol Vuh (Sei Still, Wisse Ich Bin) - Wehe Khorazin
The Legendary Pink Dots (The Crushed Velvet Apocalypse) - Just A Lifetime
David Bowie (Lodger) - Fantastic Voyage
Gong (Magick Brother) - Pretty Miss Titty
Dance 2 Trance (Revival) - Purple Onions
The Art Of Noise (The Best Of...) - Dragnet '88
Moby (I Like To Score) - James Bond Theme (Moby's Re-version)
Devo (Duty Now For the Future) - Secret Agent Man
siys - ID
Roxy Music (Roxy Music) - Do The Strand
Alice Cooper (Killer) - Be My Lover
The Jimi Hendrix Experience (Are You Experienced?) - The Wind Cries Mary
Genesis (Nursery Cryme) - Seven Stones
Crash Test Dummies (God Shuffled His Feet) - Swimming In Your Ocean
Tori Amos (Under The Pink) - God
Sarah McLachlan (Touch) - Out Of The Shadows
Bauhaus (In The Flat Field) - Dark Entries
The Cure (Wild Mood Swings) - The 13th
Porno For Pyros (Porno For Pyros) - Sadness
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Kooler Than Jesus) - Devil Bunnies
The Residents (The Big Bubble) - Sorry
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (So Far) - Ohio
Eno (Another Green World) - Everything Merges With The Night
The Beatles (Let It Be) - Two Of Us
siys - ID
The Moody Blues (Every Good Boy Deserves Favour) - Procession / The Story In Your Eyes /
      Our Guessing Game / Emily's Song / After You Came
Oasis (Definitely Maybe) - Supersonic
808 State (Ex:el) - In Yer Face
Front 242 (Front By Front) - First In/First Out
Cabaret Voltaire (The Covenant, The Sword And the Arm Of The Lord) - L21st
Cluster & Eno (Cluster & Eno) - Steinsame
Rod Stewart (Every Picture Tells A Story) - Seems Like A Long Time
Todd Rundgren (Something/Anything?) - It Wouldn't Have Made Any Difference
Santana (III) - Everything's Coming Our Way
Carlos Peron (Impersonator 3 "Cris de Plaisir") - Kong Fu Pogo
Mark Mothersbaugh (Muzik For Insomniaks Volume One) - Chechi
siys - ID outro

19 April 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music" Cardboard Singles
Webcast on Ustream!
siys - ID inno
Meat Beat Manifesto (Psyche-Out single) - Radio Babylon (Version Galore)
M|A|R|R|S (Pump Up The Volume single) - Pump Up The Volume
Noys ("Ava Maria" single) - "Ava Maria" (Walz That Noys Mix)
Enigma (Mea Culpa Part II single) - Mea Culpa Part II (Fading Shades Mix)
Julee Cruise (Rockin' Back Inside My Heart single) - Rockin' Back Inside My Heart (Tibetan 12" Mix)
Cocteau Twins (Tishbite single) - An Elan
Cure (High single) - Play
Neuronium & Vangelis (In London single) - In London
Tangerine Dream (Rockoon single) - Oriental Haze
Morrissey ("We Hate it When Our Friends Become Successful" single) - Suedehead (Live)
Nitzer Ebb (Godhead single) - Let Your Body Learn / Murderous (Live Medley)
siys - ID
Peter Gabriel (SW Live EP) - Red Rain (live)
The Cassandra Complex ((In Search Of) Penny Century single) - Something Came Over Me ...
      You've Lost That Loving Feeling (live)
The Neon Judgement (Tomorrow In The Papers single) - Who Do You Love
The Wolfgang Press (Mama Told Me Not To Come single) - Mama Told Me Not To Come (Up All Night)
Fortran 5 (Love Baby single) - Midnight Trip
In The Nursery (Hallucinations? single) - Hallucinations? (A Sense Of Reality)
The Flaming Lips (She Don't Use Jelly single) - Translucent Egg
MC 900 Ft Jesus (If I Only Had A Brain single) - Regression Session
Ministry (Just One Fix single) - Quick Fix
John Hassell And Bluescreen (Personals single) - Personals (MC 90 Ft Jesus Party Animal Mix)
Bjork (Big Time Sensuality single) - Big Time Sensuality (The Fluke Minimix)
siys - ID
Madonna (Erotica single) - Erotica (WO 12")
Nine Inch Nails (Fixed single) - Happiness In Slavery (Remix)
Prodigy (Firestarter single) - Molotov Bitch
Revolting Cocks (Do You Think I'm Sexy single) - Sergio Guitar
Jesus Loves You (Sweet Toxic Love single) - Sweet Toxic Love (Deliverance Mix)
Babble (Love Has No Name single) - Love Has No Name (Vita Brevrs Mix)
Messiah (I Feel Love single) - I Feel Love (Journey Of Love)
A Certain Ratio (Won't Stop Loving You single) - Love Is The Way
New Order (World (The Price Of Love) single) - World (The Perfecto Mix)
The Durutti Column (Our Lady Of Angels single) - When The World (Newson Mix)
siys - ID
U2 (Staring At The Sun single) - North And South Of the River
Vomito Negro (Save The World single) - Back To Earth
Elektric Music (Crosstalk single) - Baby Come Back
Electronic ("Getting Away With It" single) - Lucky Bag
The Shamen (Hyperreal single) - In The Bag
Brian Eno (Fractal Zoom single) - Fractal Zoom (Mary's Birthday Mix)
Opus III (When You Made the Mountain single) - When You Made the Mountain
      (Well Hung Parliament Adventure)
Depeche Mode (Walking In My Shoes single) - Walking In My Shoes (Extended Twelve Inch Mix)
Erasure (Breath Of Life single) - Carry On Clangers
Vistage (Fade To Grey single) - Fade To Grey
siys - ID outro

12 April 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music" Volume Special
siys - ID inno
Mindless Drug Hover (Volume 17) - Volume
Meat Beat Manifesto (Volume One) - Love Mad
Orbital (Volume Three) - Belfast/Wasted (Wasted Vocal Mix)
The Cranberries (Volume Nine) - How (Live)
James (Volume Eight) - Skin Diving 1-3-4 (Remix)
Electrafixion (Volume 14) - Sister Pain
Flower Sermon (Volume Four) - Shine
Oracle (Volume Ten) - The Sweetest Place
Spiritualized (Volume Twelve) - Good Times (Pure Phase)
EMF (Volume Two) - I Believe (Inframental Foetus Remix)
Fluke (Volume Six) - Spacey
The Cure (Volume 16) - Club America (Roxy Mix)
The Sandals (Volume Five) - Venice Groove
siys - ID
Dig (Volume Eleven) - Curious George Blues
Delta Lady (Volume Seven) - Anything You Want
Radiohead (Volume 13) - Nice Dream (Demo)
Cocteau Twins (Volume 15) - Circle Girl
Blur (Volume Two) - Oily Water
Madder Rose (Volume Nine) - Roland Navigator
Dub Syndicate (Volume Four) - Ravi Shankar
Dubstar (Volume 16) - Not So Fast
Underworld (Volume Eight) - Why Why Why?
AR Kane (Volume Ten) - Deep Blue Breath
Alabama 3 (Volume 17) - Woke Up This Mornin'
Interference (Volume Three) - Overload
siys - ID 
Node (Volume Twelve) - Olivine
Papa Sprain (Volume One) - Flying To Vegas (Remix)
Sheep On Drugs (Volume Six) - 15 Minutes Of Fame
The Orb (Volume Five) - O.O.B.E. (Live)
Drugstore (Volume 14) - Sugar Sugar
Drugstore (Volume Eleven) - Super Glider
Drugstore (Volume 17) - Communication Breakdown
Ultramarine (Volume Four) - Saratoga
Global Communication (Volume Eight) - Sublime Creation (Remix)
Interact (Volume 13) - Just Because (Demo)
Mark Stewart (Volume 16) - Digital Justice (Dub) (Remix)
System 7 (Volume Two) - Miracle (Orb Remix)
Spooky (Volume Nine) - Aqualung (Remix)
siys - ID
Sub Sub (Volume Seven) - Valium Jazz
Trans-Global Underground (Volume Ten) - Khan
Law One (Volume 15) - Better Get Ready
Depth Charge (Volume Three) - Daughters Of Darkness
Autechre (Volume Eight) - Lanx 3
Bjork (Volume Six) - One Day
Fortran 5 (Volume One) - XX21 (Remix)
The Grid (Volume Five) - Cybernetic
Ride (Volume Twelve) - Only Now (US Remix)
The Fall (Volume Four) - Arid Al's Dream
MC 900 Ft Jesus (Volume Two) - Killer Inside Me (Meat Beat Manifesto Remix)
siys - ID outro

5 April 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
Webcast on Ustream
siys - ID inno
Popol Vuh (Letzte Tage - Letzte Nachte) - Der Grosse Krieger
King Crimson (Lizard) - Indoor Games
Genesis (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway) - The Colony Of Slippermen  a. The Arrival
      b. A Visit To The Doktor  c. The Raven / Ravine / The Light Dies Down On Broadway /
      Riding The Scree / In The Rapids / It
Gong (You) - Perfect Mystery
DJ Shadow (Endtroducing.....) - What Does Your Soul Look Like (Part 4)
A Certain Ratio (MCR) - Spirit Dance
Dancing Fantasy (Worldwide) - Indian Charme
Babble (Ether) - Sun
Dasein (Ascend) - Falling Down
siys - ID
New Order (Brotherhood) - All Day Long
Cocteau Twins (Victorialand) - Lazy Calm
Exile (Man On The Moon) - Kiss You All Over (with dialogue)
Grace Jones (Big Hard Disk Vol 2) - Sex Drive (Final Master Race Mix)
Kraftwerk (Electric Cafe) - Sex Object
Cabaret Voltaire (Micro-Phonies) - The Operative
Einsturzende Neubauten (Halber Mensch) - Halber Mensch
Coil (Love's Secret Domain) - Disco Hospital / Teenage Lightning
Black Light District (A Thousand Lights In A Darkened Room) - Blue Rats
The Chemical Brothers (Exit Planet Dust) - In Dust We Trust
808 State (Don Solaris) - Banacheq
David Bowie (Reality) - Pablo Picasso
The Residents (Viva Las Vegas RMX) - Blue Suede Shoes
siys - ID
The Beatles (Real Love single) - Real Love
Laura Scarborough (Tasty Music) - Looking Glass
Braino (Arewethereyet?) - Talking Dog
Nancy Bechtol (One Breath - Zero-One-Nine Eleven) - Just Give It (Fast Paced Life)
Marko (Soundtracks) - Conscious Stream
Pupaum (Pupaum) - Our Finest Hours
Orbital (Orbital) - Midnight
Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks) - Laura Palmer's Theme
R.E.M. (Automatic For The People) - Everybody Hurts
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (13 Above The Night) - Badlife
Electronic (Electronic) - Idiot Country
Quiet Sun (Mainstream) - Rongwrong
The Darkside (All That Noise) - She Don't Come
siys - ID
Smashing Pumpkins (Siamese Dream) - Cherub Rock
Robert Wyatt (Shleep) - Alien
Mantaray (Numinous Island) - Discovery
Didier Malherbe (Fluvius) - La Source
Chris & Cosey (Reflection) - Internal 16
Ready Made (Uro Breaks) - See Saw (Victor)
Clan Of Xymox (Hidden Faces) - Going Round '97
Reality Scare (A Game Of Damage) - Thought & Action
Solar Enemy (Dirty Vs Universe) - Burn-Up
He Said (Take + Care) - Watch - Take - Care
Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient Works 85-92) - Xtal
siys - ID outro

29 March 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music" MP3 Show
siys - ID inno
The Surfaris (27.7.00 comp) - Wipe Out
The Butthole Surfers (31.7.00 comp) - Lady Sniff
The Flys (15.8.00 comp) - Got You (Where I Want You)
Squirrel Nut Zipper (For Max - 15.8.00 comp) - Hell
Grand Funk Railroad (1.9.00 comp) - T.N.U.C.
Steely Dan (13.9.00 comp) - Reelin' In The Years
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers (4.10.00 comp) - Refugee
Imperial Teens (10.11.00 comp) - Yoo Hoo
Everclear (21.11.00 comp) - Wonderful
OMC (1.12.00 comp) - How Bizarre
Tubeway Army (15.12.00 comp) - Me! I Disconnect From You
Marumari (8.1.01 comp) - Eno Test
The Rolling Stones (23.1.01 comp) - Let It Bleed
Mott The Hoople (7.2.01 comp) - All The Young Dudes
siys - ID
Walter Wegmuller (Tarot) - Der Wagen
Sergius Golowin (Lord Krishna von Goloka) - Die Weisse Alm
Klaus Schulze (Lone 1) - Landpartie
Missus Beastly (Missus Beastly) - Paranoid
Eulenspygel (Ausschuss) - Untertanenfabrik
Cosmic Jokers (Sci Fi Party) - The Cosmic Couriers Meet South Philly Willy
Manuel Gottsching (The Private Tapes Vol. 1) - Bois De La Lune
Brainticket (Cottonwoodhill) - Places Of Light
Amon Duul (Lemmingmania) - Rattlesnakeplumcake
Annexus Quam (Osmose) - Osmose 2
Dom (Edge Of Time) - Edge Of Time
siys - ID
Pink Floyd (Atom Heart Mother) - If
Weather Report (Mysterious Traveller) - Nubian Sundance
Carlos Santana & Mahavishnu John McLaughlin (Love Devotion Surrender) - The Life Divine
Lonnie Liston Smith & The Cosmic Echoes (Visions Of A New World) - Visions Of A New World
      (Phase I & II)
Steve Reich (Music For 18 Musicians) - Music For 18 Musicians (Coldcut Remix)
The Avalanches (Since I Left You) - Everyday (Japanese bonus track)
Enigma (Voyageur) - Following The Sun
Franka Potente (Run Lola Run) - Believe
Moby (18) - Sunday (The Day After My Birthday)
The Smashing Pumpkins (Machina II: The Friends and Enemies of Modern Music) - Slow Down
siys - ID
Tenacious D (Tenacious D) - Wonderboy
La Dusseldorf (La Dusseldorf) - La Dusseldorf
Triumvirat (Illusions On A Double Dimple) - Mister Ten Percent: Maze / Dawning / Bad Deal /
      Roundabout / Lucky Girl / Million Dollars
King Crimson (Earthbound) - Peoria
Alice Cooper (Live - siys comp) - Ballad Of Dwight Fry (European bonus track)
Frank Zappa (Live - siys comp) - Frank's Final Guitar Solo (Adieu, CA 1991)
Frank Zappa (Frank Zappa Meets The Mothers Of Prevention) - Porn Wars
siys - ID outro

22 March 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
System 7 (Golden Section) - Rite Of Spring
Orbital (In Sides) - The Girl With The Sun In Her Head
Future Sound Of London (Dead Cities) - My Kingdom
Leftfield (Rhythm And Stealth) - Swords
400 Blows (The New Lords Of The Block) - Fundamental Islam
David Torn (Tripping : Over : God) - Trip Over God
Ash Ra Tempel (Starring Rosi) - Interplay Of Forces
Fayman & Fripp (A Temple In The Clouds) - The Stars Below
Michael Brook with Brian Eno & Daniel Lanois (Hybrid) - Midday
siys - ID
Roger Eno (Voices) - Through The Blue
Gong (You Remixed) - A Sprinkling Of Clouds (Full Length Edit) (Remix by Youth)
Harold Budd / Simon Raymonde / Robin Guthrie / Elizabeth Fraser (The Moon And The Melodies) -
      Sea, Swallow Me
Garbage (Version 2.0) - The Trick Is To Keep Breathing
Om (Instant Enlightenment) - Are You Experienced?
Life Garden (Pry Open My Mouth With The Red Knife Of Heaven) - Dag
Out Of Phase (Dark Side Of The Moon 2001) - Time
The Heart Throbs (Cleopatra Grip) - Tossed Away
Enigma (MCMXC a.D.) - Mea Cupla
Depeche Mode (Songs Of Faith And Devotion) - Condemnation
And Also The Trees (Farewell To The Shade) - The Pear Tree
siys - ID
Xymox (Twist Of Shadows) - Evelyn
The Neon Judgement (Mafu Cage) - Voodoo Nipplefield
The Tear Garden (Sheila Liked The Rodeo) - Sheila Liked The Rodeo
The Residents (Knitting On The Roof) - Matchmaker
The Breeders (Pod) - Oh!
Meat Beat Manifesto (Satyricon) - Pot Sounds / Mindstream
Moebius & Beerbohn (Double Cut) - Minimotion
Clock DVA (Buried Dreams) - The Unseen
Perpetual Outer Dimensions (Euphonia) - Preludeum / Euphonia
Third Eye Blind (Third Eye Blind) - Semi-Charmed Life
The Smiths ("Louder Than Bombs") - Back To The Old House
Hans-Joachim Roedelius (Momenti Felici) - Im Frubtau
Josef K (Young And Stupid) - Torn Mentor
siys - ID
John Zorn (Naked City) - Batman
Boxcar (Revision) - Ultrasonic (Gyromix)
Yellow Magic Orchestra (Kyoretsu Na Rhythm) - Megamix - YMO in The 90's
Shriekback (The Dancing Years) - Deeply Lined Up
Elektronauten (Collective Induced Fiction) - Collective Induced Fiction
Polygon Window (Surfing On Sine Waves) - Polygon Window
Church Of Extacy (Technohead) - Babbahouse 2
Borghesia (Resistance) - Theme One (Resistance Mix)
Cabaret Voltaire (Listen Up With Cabaret Voltaire) - Raising The Count
Crispy Ambulance ("Fin") - Four Minutes From The Frontline
Crispy Ambulance (Comprising...) - Concorde Square (detail)
siys - ID outro

15 March 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
Laurie Anderson (Big Science) - From The Air
Jean-Michel Jarre (Zoolook) - Diva
Art Of Noise ("Daft") - Love
Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark (Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark) - Almost
David Bowie (Young Americans) - Right
Peter Gabriel (Birdy) - Sketch Pad With Trumpet And Voice
Genesis (Trespass) - Visions Of Angels
Led Zeppelin (IV) - Stairway To Heaven
Tomita (Snowflakes Are Dancing) - Snowflakes Are Dancing
Vangelis (Soil Festivities) - Movement 2
Tangerine Dream (Dream Sequence - The Best Of...) - Cherokee Lake (Live)
siys - ID
Tangerine Dream (Wavelength) - Mojave End Title
Mike Oldfield (Discovery) - The Lake (Instrumental)
Yes (The Yes Album) - A Venture
Talking Heads (Remain In Light) - Born Under Punches (The Heat Goes On)
Jimi Hendrix Experience (Smash Hits) - Fire
Klaus Nomi (Klaus Nomi) - Total Eclipse
Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Welcome To The Pleasure Dome) - The Ballad Of 32
Eurythmics (1984) - Room 101
Kraftwerk (Computer World) - Home Computer
Wendy Carlos (Clockwork Orange - Complete Original Score) - Timesteps
siys - ID
Greater Than One (London) - Now Is The Time (12" Mix)
Laibach (Opus Dei) - Leben Heisst Leben
Frank Zappa (Joe's Garage) - Joe's Garage
Todd Rundgren (Something/Anything?) - Piss Aaron
Finitribe (An Unexpected Groovy Treat) - Come And Get It
Revolting Cocks (Linger Ficken' Good) - Crackin' Up
The Flaming Lips (Transmissions From The Satellite Heart) - Oh My Pregnant Head
      (Labia In The Sunlight)
Butthole Surfers (Electriclarryland) - Space
The Legendary Pink Dots (Island Of Jewels) - Jewel In The Crown
Faust (Rien) - Untitled [track 5]
siys - ID
Pink Floyd (A Saucerful Of Secrets) - A Saucerful Of Secrets
The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown (The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown) - Come And Buy
Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Trilogy) - From The Beginning
Pavlov's Dog (Pampered Menial) - Theme From Subway Sue
Cocteau Twins (Head Over Heels) - Hitherto
Yello (You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess) - I Love You
Bill Nelson (Details) - Don't Wait
Moev (Obituary Column) - Obituary Column
Temple Of The Dog (Temple Of The Dog) - Times Of Trouble
The Church (Priest = Aura) - Film
Collective Soul (Hints Allegations And Things Left Unsaid) - Sister Don't Cry
The Smashing Pumpkins (Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness) - Tonight, Tonight
Cibo Matto (Super Relax) - Crumbs
siys - ID outro

8 March 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
James (Laid) - Five-O
Death In Vegas (The Contino Sessions) - Flying
Kenny Larkin (Azimuth) - Funk In Space
Orbital (Snivilisation) - Are We Here?
Moby (Moby) - Ah Ah
The Shamen (Boss Drum) - Ebeneezer Goode (Beatmaster Mix)
Severed Heads (Gigapus) - Snow
Ancient Beatbox (Ancient Beatbox) - Raining (My Eyes Are Filled With Clouds)
William Orbit (Strange Cargo 2) - Dark Eyed Kids
siys - ID
Massive Attack (Mezzanine) - Man Next Door
M|A|R|R|S (Pump Up The Volume) - Anitina
Republica (Republica) - Drop Dead Gorgeous
Daft Punk (Homework) - Fresh
SPK (Gold And Poison) - Breathless
Kraftwerk (Tour De France single) - Tour De France (Radio Version)
Smart E's (Sesame's Treet) - Sesames's Treet
Renaldo & The Loaf (The Elbow Is Taboo) - Here's To The Oblong Boys
The Residents (Animal Lover Instrumental) - Aura Flex
Mercury Rev (Yerself Is Steam) - Frittering
Peter Gabriel (Us) - Steam
David Bowie (Black Tie White Noise) - Pallas Athena
Brian Eno (Nerve Net) - Wire Shock
siys - ID
Black Sabbath (Greatest Hits 1970-1978) - Black Sabbath
War (The Best Of & More) - Slippin' Into Darkness
Warren Zevon (The Best Of... A Quiet Normal Life) - Werewolf Of London
The Ramones (Greatest Hits) - Pet Sematary
Radiohead (In Rainbows) - Bodysnatchers
Marilyn Manson (Smells Like Children) - The Hands Of Small Children / Diary Of A Dope Fiend
The Who (The Best Of...) - Magic Bus
ZZ Top (The Best Of...) - Jesus Just Left Chicago
Janis Joplin (Greatest Hits) - Cry Baby
The Rolling Stone (Jump Back - The Best Of...) - Angie
Boston (Greatest Hits) - Peace Of Mind
The Monkees (The Essentials) - Words
Supertramp (Classics - Volume 9) - From Now On
Yes (Hightlights - The Very Best Of...) - Soon (Single Edit)
siys - ID
Genesis (Foxtrot) - Can-Utility And The Coastliners
Phil Manzenera/801 (Listen Now) - Island
Nicky Skopelitis (Ekstasis) - Tarab
Ambient Temple Of Imagination (Planetary House Nation) - Beltane 93 (A Trip Down Memory Lane)
Electric Company (Studio City) - Throb Ear
Eno/Cale (Wrong Way Up) - Been There Done That
Bush (Sixteen Stone) - Little Things
The Allman Brothers Band (A Decade Of Hits 1969-1979) - Midnight Rider
Gong (Est Mort) - From The Isle Of Every Where To The End Of The Story Of Zero The Hero /
      You Never Blow Your Trip For Ever
siys - ID outro

1 March 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
Yes (Fragile) - Mood For A Day
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (Deja Vu) - Our House
Paul McCartney (Wingspan - Hits And History) - Let 'Em In
John Lennon (Imagine) - How Do You Sleep?
Led Zeppelin (II) - What Is And What Should Never Be
Kansas (Song For America) - Down The Road
System 7 (Power Of Seven) - Interstate
Pink Floyd (Meddle) - San Tropez
Electric Light Orchestra (Out Of The Blue) - The Whale
Gilli Smyth (Gong - Family Jewels) - Cyberwhale
Devo (E-Z Listening Disc) - Goin' Under
Lisa Gerrard (The Mirror Pool) - La Bas: Song Of The Drowned
U2 (Pop) - Wake Up Dead Man
siys - ID
Porno For Pyros (Good God's Urge) - Good God's://Urge!
Ministry (The Mind Is A Terrible Thing To Taste) - Burning Inside
Yello (One Second) - Si Senor The Hairy Grill
Propaganda (Wishful Thinking) - Machined
Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Emerson, Lake & Palmer) - Knife-Edge
Black Tape For A Blue Girl (Ashes In The Brittle Air) - Across A Thousand Blades
Popol Vuh (EinsJager & Siebenjager) - King Minos
The Legendary Pink Dots (Faces In The Fire) - Neon Gladiators
The Final Cut (Consumed) - A Dance For The Saints
Dance 2 Trance (Moon Spirits) - We Came In Peace (Desert Mix)
Ashra (Tropical Heat) - Tropical Heat
Cabaret Voltaire (Johnny Yesno) - The Quarry (In The Wilderness)
siys - ID
Amon Duul II (Phallus Dei) - Phallus Dei
Tangerine Dream (Pergamon - Live At The "Palast Der Republik" GDR) - Quichotte Part II
Richard Wahnfried (Tonwelle) - Schwung
siys - ID
Deep Forest (Comparsa) - Deep Weather
A Certain Ratio (To Each...) - Winter Hill
King Crimson (Starless And Bible Black) - The Night Watch
New Order (Rebublic) - Spooky
Clan Of Xymox (Clan Of Xymox) - No Words
The Residents (Meet The Residents) - Rest Aria
Ultramarine (Folk) - Softspot
Cocteau Twins (Treasure) - Domino
Santana (Abraxas) - Hope You're Feeling Better
Sly & The Famly Stone (Greatest Hits) - Thank You (Falettinme Be Mice Elf Agin)
The Doors (The Doors) - Soul Kitchen
siys - ID outro

23 February 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music" The Beatles Special
siys - ID inno
The Beatles (Anthology 3) - A Beginning
The Beatles (Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 3) - Arrival In America - Press Conference At
      JFK Airport (USA 2/7/64)
The Beatles (Anthology 1) - All My Loving (live)
The Beatles (With The Beatles) - It Won't Be Long
The Beatles (Beatles For Sale) - Eight Days A Week
The Beatles (A Hard Day's Night) - A Hard Day's Night
The Beatles (Help!) - Help!
The Beatles (Rubber Soul) - Drive My Car
The Beatles (Revolver) - Yellow Submarine
The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) - Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band /
      With A Litle Help From My Friends
The Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour) - Blue Jay Way
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - Back In The U.S.S.R. / Dear Prudence
The Beatles (Yellow Submarine) - Only A Northern Song
The Beatles (Abbey Road) - Here Comes The Sun
The Beatles (Let It Be... Naked) - The Long And Winding Road
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume Two) - Paperback Writer
The Beatles (Anthology 2) - 12- Bar Original
The Beatles (Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 2) - Short Interview: Part 4 (1964)
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume One) - I'm Down
The Beatles (Let It Be... Naked) - Get Back
The Beatles (Abbey Road) - Octopus's Garden
The Beatles (Yellow Submarine) - Hey Bulldog
siys - ID
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - Yer Blues
The Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour) - Your Mother Should Know
The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
The Beatles (Revolver) - Good Day Sunshine
The Beatles (Rubber Soul) - Nowhere Man
The Beatles (Help!) - Another Girl
The Beatles (A Hard Day's Night) - I Should Have Known Better
The Beatles (Beatles For Sale) - I Don't Want To Spoil The Party
The Beatles (With The Beatles) - Don't Bother Me
The Beatles (Please Please Me) - Do You Want To Know A Secret
The Beatles (The Savage Young Beatles) - Cry For A Shadow
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume One) - She Loves You
The Beatles (Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 1) - American Tour (New York Feb-64)
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume One) - I Want To Hold Your Hand
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume Two) - Day Tripper
The Beatles (Anthology 2) - And Your Bird Can Sing
The Beatles (Backwards Beatles) - "Nair," in it's entirety!
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume Two) - We Can Work It Out
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume One) - Love Me Do
The Beatles (Please Please Me) - I Saw Her Standing There
The Beatles (With The Beatles) - All I've Got To Do
The Beatles (Beatles For Sale) - I'm A Loser
The Beatles (A Hard Day's Night) - I'm Happy Just To Dance With You
The Beatles (Help!) - You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
siys - ID
The Beatles (Live At The BBC) - Beatles Greetings / From Us To You / Riding On A Bus
The Beatles (Rubber Soul) - Think For Yourself
The Beatles (Revolver) - She Said, She Said
The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) - She's Leaving Home
The Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour) - Hello Goodbye
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - Glass Onion
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me
      And My Monkey
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - Wild Honey Pie / The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill /
      While My Guitar Gentle Weeps
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - Helter Skelter
The Beatles (Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 3) - Return To London (8/31/66)
The Beatles (Yellow Submarine) - All Together Now
The Beatles (Abbey Road) - Because
The Beatles (Let It Be... Naked) - Don't Let Me Down
The Beatles (Anthology 3) - Come And Get It
The Beatles (Anthology 2) - You Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
The Beatles (Anthology 3) - Not Guilty
The Beatles (Anthology 2) - A Day In The Life
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume Two) - The Inner Light
The Beatles (Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 2) - Second American Visit (Cinamon Cinder 08/23/64)
siys - ID
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume Two) - Revolution
The Beatles (Let It Be... Naked) - Dig A Pony
The Beatles (Abbey Road) - Maxwell's Silver Hammer
The Beatles (Yellow Submarine) - All You Need Is Love
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - Savoy Truffle
The Beatles (The Beatles [White Album]) - I'm So Tired / Blackbird / Piggies
The Beatles (Magical Mystery Tour) - The Fool On The Hill
The Beatles (Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band) - Lovely Rita
The Beatles (Rare Photos & Interview CD Vol. 3) - Cousin Brucie - "Bring The Beatles Back Message"
The Beatles (Revolver) - Eleanor Rigby
The Beatles (Rubber Soul) - What Goes On
The Beatles (Help!) - The Night Before
The Beatles (A Hard Day's Night) - Can't Buy Me Love
The Beatles (Beatles For Sale) - No Reply
The Beatles (With The Beatles) - Till There Was You
The Beatles (Please Please Me) - Please Please Me
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume One) - Slow Down
The Beatles (Anthology 3) - Medley: Rip It Up/Shake, Rattle And Roll/Blue Suede Shoes
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume One) - Matchbox
The Beatles (Anthology 3) - Mailman, Bring Me No More Blues
The Beatles (Abbey Road) - Golden Slumbers / Carry That Weight / The End
siys - ID outro
The Beatles (Abbey Road) - Her Majesty

16 February 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
WARP Server down -- Webcast on Shoutcast Server
http://ustream.tv/channel/zaths-place & http://ustream.tv/channel/siys
siys - ID inno
The Grid (Evolver) - Wake Up
808 State (Utd. State 90) -  Pacific 202
New Order (Get Ready) - Crystal
Babble (The Stone) - The Downward Pull Of Heaven's Force / Tribe
Daft Punk (Discovery) - Digital Love
Elektric Music (Esperanto) - Kissing The Machine
Deee-Lite (Infinity Within) - Love Is Everything
The Shamen (En-Tact) - Omega Amigo
The Pet Shop Boys (Very) - The Theatre
Genesis (Selling England By The Pound) - Dancing With The Moonlit Knight
siys - ID
Return To Forever (Romantic Warrior) - Majestic Dance
Billy Cobham (Spectrum) - Quadrant 4
Brand X (Xtrax) - Hate Zone
Supertramp (Crime Of The Century) - Asylum
Pink Floyd (The Wall) - Comfortable Numb
The Mothers Of Invention (We're Only In It For The Money) - Are You Hung Up? /
      Who Needs The Peace Corps? / Concentration Moon / Mom & Dad / Telephone Conversation /
      Bow Tie Daddy / Harry, You're A Beast / What's The Ugliest Part Of Your Body? /
      Absolutely Free / Flower Punk / Hot Poop
The Residents (Blowoff) - Blowoff
siys - ID
Coil (Astral Disaster) - The Avatars
David Bowie (Outside) - I'm Deranged
Marilyn Manson (Mechanical Animals) - Coma White
Morrissey (You Are The Quarry) - First Of The Gang To Die
Soundgarden (Down On The Upside) - Pretty Noose
The Charlatans UK (Some Friendly) - You're Not Very Well
Chumbawamba (Tubthumper) - Tubthumping
Guns N' Roses (Grosse Point Blank) - Live & Let Die
George Harrison (Brainwashed) - Stuck Inside A Cloud
Dinosaur Jr. (Reality Bites) - Turnip Farm
Stone Temple Pilots (No 4) - Church On Tuesday
Bob Dylan (Greatest Hits) - Possibly 4th Street
Eric Clapton (Timepieces - The Best Of...) - Let It Grow
Bruce Springsteen (Greatest Hits) - Born To Run
Vangelis (Opera Sauvage) - Chromatique
siys - ID
Roedelius (Lustwandel) - Langer Atem
Gila (Gila) - Aggression
The Moody Blues (On The Threshold Of A Dream) - Dear Diary / Send Me No Wine / To Share Our Love /
      So Deep Within You / Never Comes The Day / Lazy Day / Are You Sitting Comfortably
Jade Warrior (Way Of The Sun) - Way Of The Sun
Delerium (Reflections 1) - Brainwaves
In The Nursery (Twins - Temper Twelve Inch) - Breach Birth
Robert Fripp (Exposure) - Exposure
siys - ID outro

9 February 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
Meat Beat Manifesto (99%) - Now
Kraftwerk (Electric Cafe) - Techno Pop
Chris & Cosey (Techno Primitive) - Techno Primitive
Todd Rundgren (Initiation) - Born To Synthesize
R.E.M. (Monster) - What's The Frequency, Kenneth?
New Order (Technique) - Fine Time
Cabaret Voltaire (The Crackdown) - Talking Time
Tackhead (Friendly As A Hand Grenade) - Ticking Time Bomb
Manufacture (Voice Of World Control) - World Control
2nd Communication (2nd Communication) - Sow Sow The Propaganda
Skinny Puppy (Vivisectvi) - Fritter (Stella's Home)
Severed Heads (Dead Eyes Opened) - Oscar's Grind
siys - ID
Boyd Rice And Friends (Music, Martinis, And Misanthorpy) - People
Pearl Jam (Vitalogy) - Better Man
MC 900 Ft Jesus (One Step Ahead Of The Spider) - If I Only Had A Brain
Nine Inch Nails (Pretty Hate Machine) - Head Like A Hole
Prodigy (The Fat Of The Land) - Smack My Bitch Up
Devo (Duty Now For The Future) - The Day My Baby Gave Me A Surprise
Colourbox (Colourbox) - Baby I Love You So (12" featuring Lorita Grahame)
Moby (I Like To Score) Love Theme
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Dirty Little Secrets) - Hard, Fast & Beautiful (Tight Mix)
Lords Of Acid (Voodoo-U) - Drink My Honey
PJ Harvey (To Bring You My Love) - Down By The Water
Cocteau Twins (Garlands) - Shallow Then Halo
Fields Of Nephilim (Revelations) - For Her Light
The Smashing Pumpkins (Greatest Hits - Judas O) - Slow Dawn
siys - ID
Fortran 5 (Bad Head Park) - Fire In The Sky
Eno (Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)) - Burning Airlines Gives You So Much More
Yello (Pocket Universe) - More
A Certain Ratio (Force) - Mickey Way
La Muerte (Experiment In Terror) - On The Road Again
Popol Vuh (Nosferatu) - Zwiesprache Der...
The Beatles (Past Masters - Volume Two) - Across The Universe
Led Zeppelin (Led Zeppelin) - Babe I'm Gonna Leave You
Nico (The End...) - It Has Not Taken Long
Test Dept. (Terra Firma) - Nadka
Rolling Stones (Exile On Main Street) - Soul Survivor
Peter Gabriel (III) - Start / I Don't Remember
siys - ID
Pigface (Notes From Thee Underground) - Asphole
Front 242 (Official Version) - Quite Unusual
The Wolfgang Press (Funky Little Demons) - Chains
KMFDM (Money) - Money
Howie B (Turn The Dark Off) - Switch
Autechre (Incunabula) - Kalpol Introl
God's Black Magic (Negative Impact Vo.2) - Future H8
Third Eye (Third Eye) - The Real Thing
U2 (All That You Can't Leave Behind) - Beautiful Day
Oasis (The Masterplan) - The Masterplan
Alanis Morissette (Jagged Little Pill) - You Oughta Know
Green Day (Dookie) - Basket Case
Alice Cooper (Muscle Of Love) - Teenage Lament
Cat Stevens (Greatest Hits) - Another Saturday Night
Crispy Ambulance (Live On A Hot August Night) - Concorde Square (detail)
siys - ID outro

2 February 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music" Live Show
siys - ID inno
Pink Floyd (Ummagumma) - Astronomy Domine
Tangerine Dream (Encore) - Coldwater Canyon
Revolting Cocks (You Goddamned Son Of A Bitch) - No Devotion
Ashra (@shra) - Niemand Lacht Ruckwarts
siys - ID
Underworld (Everything, Everything) - Rez/Cowgirl
Jane's Addiction (Kettle Whistle) - Three Days
U2 (Rattle And Hum) - Bullet The Blue Sky
Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young (4 Way Street) - Carry On
Iron Butterfly (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (In-A-Gadda-De-Luxe)) - In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida (Live Version)
siys - ID
Jimi Hendrix (Live At Woodstock) - Foxy Lady
Santana (Lotus) - Incident At Neshabur
King Crimson (The Nightwatch) - 21st Century Schizoid Man
Genesis ("Live") - Watcher Of The Skies
Alice Cooper (Billion Dollar Babies [Deluxe Edition]) - My Stars
David Bowie (Stage) - Station To Station
The Smiths ("Rank") - Bigmouth Strikes Again
siys - ID
The Plastic Ono Band (Live Peace In Toronto 1969) - Cold Turkey
George Harrison (Live In Japan) - Isn't It A Pity
The Cure (Show) - From The Edge Of The Deep Green Sea
Ministry (In Case You Didn't Feel Like Showing Up (Live)) - Stigmata
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (Elektrik Inferno Live) - Kooler Than Jesus
New Order (BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert) - Perfect Kiss
The Residents (Mole Show Live In Holland) - The Secret Seed
Zappa/Beefheart (Bongo Fury) - Advance Romance / Man With The Woman Head / Muffin Man
siys - ID outro

26 January 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music" MP3 Show
Webcast on Ustream
siys - ID inno
Blue Oyster Cult (15.12.00 comp) - (Don't Fear) The Reaper
Till Tuesday (8.1.01 comp) - Voices Carry
Sarah Brightman (Mesmerized By The Blue Glow) - Deliver Me
Ozzy Osbourne (Sappy, But I Like It) - Changes
Neil Young (1.12.00 comp) - Like A Hurricane
Rolling Stones (Homegrown Rock) - Waiting On A Friend
Eurythmics (10.1.01 comp) - Here Comes The Rain Again
Pink (Audio Aughts) - Family Portrait
Don Henley (23.1.01 comp) - The Heart Of The Matter
The Animals (Heavy Trip) - The House Of The Rising Sun
Jefferson Airplane (7.2.01 comp) - We Can Be Together
Ringo Starr (Modern Marvels) - Never Without You
siys - ID
Tom Petty (15.2.02 comp) - Girl On LSD
Ten Year After (Classic comp 12.3.02) - Boogie On
Todd Rundgren (16.2.02 comp) - We Gotta Get You A Woman (long version)
The Byrds (Classic comp 26.3.02) - Laughing
Santana (22.2.01 comp) - Smooth
Tsunami (It Electronique) - Reality
Snake River Conspiracy (22.3.01 comp) - How Soon Is Now?
Mark-Almond (Live comp) - What Am I Living For? (live)
Genesis (7.3.01 comp) - Abacab
siys - ID
Popol Vuh (Kosmische Krauts) - Aguirre II
Bjork & Thom York (6.4.01 comp) - I've Seen It All
Spandau Ballet (Light In The Loafers) - True
Dan Hicks And His Hot Licks (26.4.01 comp) -  I Scare Myself
Terry Riley (AG Electronica comp 21.6.02) -  Poppy Nogood And The Phantom Band
Vanilla Fudge (21.5.01 comp) - You Keep Me Hangin' On
Brainticket (Kosmiche 1 11.8.02) - Black Sand
Jerry Goodman & Jan Hammer (6.10.01 comp) - Full Moon Boogie
B-52's (80s comp 19.6.02) - Roam
Tenacious D (7.3.02 comp) - Tribute
Donna Regina (Yammie 1 comp 19.8.02) - Star Ferry
Coldplay (8.4.02 comp) - Trouble
siys - ID
Depeche Mode (Rock comp ) - Surrender
Dirty Vegas (7.5.02 comp) - Days Go By (Remix)
Patrick Cowley (Pop comp 29.8.02) - Megatron Man (Razormaid! '87 Remix)
Electric Light Orchestra (19.6.02 comp) - Don't Bring Me Down
Attrition (Alternative comp 29.8.02) - Pendulum Turns Part 2 (1983 Demo)
La Dusseldorf (21.11.00 comp) - Rheinita
Robert Fripp (Progressive comp 29.8.02) - Soundscape At The Twin Towers
Chicks On Speed (10.11.00 comp) - Warm Leatherette
The Invisible Pair Of Hands (Via AudioGalaxy Members 8.11.02) - Me Me Me
Our Lady Peace (8.11.02 comp) - Somewhere Out There
Thirteen Senses (Mesmerized By The Blue Glow) - Into The Fire
Bill Nelson (Modern Marvels) - Big Yellow Moon
siys - Id outro

19 January 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
Genesis (The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway) - Lilywhite Lilith / The Waiting Room / Anyway /
      The Supernatural Anaesthetist / The Lamia / Silent Sorrow In Empty Boats
Jethro Tull (Original Masters) - Minstrel In The Gallery
Crosby, Still, Nash & Young (Deja Vu) - Woodstock
Creedence Clearwater Revival (Chronicle) - Who'll Stop The Rain
The Jimi Hendrix Experience  (Electric Ladyland) - Crosstown Traffic
Steppenwolf (16 Greatest Hits) - Move Over
The Beatles (Past Masters Volume Two) - The Ballad Of John And Yoko
Soul Asylum (Somebody To Shove single) - Somebody To Shove
Depeche Mode (Songs Of Faith And Devotion) - Rush
U2 (How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb) - Vertigo
David Bowie (Lodger) - Boys Keep Swinging
siys - ID
Miles Davis (Get Up With It) - Red China Blues
Can (Cannibalism I) - Father Cannot Yell
David Byrne (The Catherine Wheel) - His Wife Refused
Gila (Night Works) - Around Midnight
Mike Oldfield (Exposed) - Incantations (Parts 1 & 2)
Holger Czukay, Jah Wobble, Jaki Liebezeit (Full Circle) - Full Circle R.P.S. (No. 7)
siys - ID
Negativland (A Big 10-8 Place) - Theme From A Big 10-8 Place
Ministry (Psalm 69: The Way To Succeed & The Way To Suck Eggs) - N.W.O.
Einsturzende Neubauten (Ende Neu) - Ende Neu
Front 242 (05:22:09:12 Off) - Animal (Gate)
Laibach (Kapital) - Torso
Bjork (Homogenic) - Bachelorette
Syd Barrett (Opel) - Clowns & Jugglers (Octopus)
Eskimo (The Further Adventures Of Der Shrimpkin) - Dado Peru
Gong (Expresso II) - Heavy Tune
Brian Eno - David Byrne (My Life In The Bush Of Ghosts) - Regiment
Harmonia 76 (Tracks & Traces) - Vamos Companeros
Cabaret Voltaire (The Golden Moments Of...) - Sluggin' Fer Jesus
Chris & Cosey (Songs Of Love & Lust) - Driving Blind
Coil (Gold Is The Metal) - Chickenskin
siys - ID
Hula (Threshold) - Walk On Stalks Of Broken Glass (Version)
Area (Between Purple And Pink) - Our Corner Drowning
Portishead (Dummy) - Mysterons
Harold Budd (Lovely Thunder) - Flowered Knife Shadows (For Simon Raymonde)
Dr Didg (Out Of The Woods) - Devon
Sam Rosenthal (Before the Buildings Fall) - Kathryn
Dead Can Dance (Within The Realm Of The Dying Sun) - Summoning Of The Muse
Popol Vuh (Cobra Verde) - Der Tod Des Cobra Verde
Tuxedomoon ("Ten Years In One Night (Live)") - Desire
Click Click (Bent Massive) - She Can
siys - ID outro

12 January 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
Emerson, Lake & Palmer (Brain Salad Surgery) - Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression - Part 2)
Steve Hillage (Motivation Radio) - Radio
Moebius - Plank - Neumeier (Zero Set) - Pitch Control
Pressurehed (Infadrone) - Wired For Sound (Crainium Mix)
DJ Shadow (Endtroducing.....) - Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt
Aphex Twin (Selected Ambient Works Volume 2) - 1.01
Orbital (2) - Halcyon + On + On
Neu! (2) - Fur Immer (Forever)
Moby (Play) - Everloving
siys - ID
Clan Of Xymox (Medusa) - Louise
Catherine Wheel (Ferment) - I Want To Touch You
The Durutti Column (Sex And Death) - The Rest Of My Life
The Psychedelic Furs (All Of This And Nothing) - Heaven
Bill Nelson (Chimera/Savage Gestures For Charms Sake) - Another Happy Thought
      (Carved Forever In Your Cortex)
The Mahavishnu Orchestra (The Inner Mounting Flame) - You Know, You Know
Yes (Tales From Topographic Oceans) - The Ancient/Giants Under The Sun
La Dusseldorf (Viva) - Geld
This Mortal Coil (Filigree & Shadow) - Alone / Mama K (2) / The Horizon Bleeds And Sucks Its Thumb
siys - ID
Radiohead (The Bends) - Street Spirit (Fade Out)
Single Gun Theory (Like Stars In My Hands) - Take Me Back
The Shamen (In Gorbachev We Trust) - Trancendental
Nirvana (Nevermind) - In Bloom
Public Image Ltd (Greatest Hits, So Far) - Rise
Counting Crows (Recovering The Satellites) - Catapult
Meat Beat Manifesto (Armed Audio Warfare) - Mister President
U 96 (Replugged) - Eve Of The War
The Cranberries (To The Faithfully Departed) - The Rebels
Gary Clail's Tackhead Sound System (Tackhead Tape Time) - What's My Mission Now? (Fight The Devil)
Pink Floyd (The Piper At The Gates Of Dawn) - Lucifer Sam
My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult (I See Good Spirits And I See Bad Spirits) - Do You Fear
      (For Your Child?)
Sandoz (Digital Lifeforms) - Astral Zombie
siys - ID
Eno Moebius Roedelius (After The Heat) - Broken Head
Grand Funk Railroad (Collectors Series) - Gimmie Shelter
Passengers (Original Soundtracks 1) - Your Blue Room
The Residents (Buckaroo Blues) - Buckaroo Blues
Neil Young (After The Goldrush) - Don't Let It Bring You Down
Daniel Lanois (For The Beauty Of Wynona) - Death Of A Train
The Smiths ("Strangeways, Here We Come") - Death Of A Disco Dancer
Yello (Stella) - Domingo
Doubting Thomas (The Infidel) - Yowtch
siys - ID outro

5 January 2008 6:00 PM - 10:00 PM "Mind-Altering Music"
siys - ID inno
U2 (War) - New Year's Day
Killing Joke (Pandemonium) - Millennium
The Moody Blues (Days Of Future Passed) - The Afternoon a) Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)
      b) (Evening) Time To Get Away
Traveling Wilburys (Vol. 3) - New Blue Moon
The Cure (Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me) - If Only Tonight We Could Sleep
Moodswings (Psychedelicatessen) - The Great Sound Of Letting Go
Popol Vuh (Die Nacht Der Steele - Tantric Songs) - Wo Bist Du, Der Du Uberwunden Hast?/Gesegnet Du,
      Bei Deiner Ankunf
Vangelis (Voices) - Voices
Shriekback (Sacred City) - Hymn To The Local Gods
Todd Rundgren (Something/Anything?) - I Saw The Light
David Bowie (Low) - All Saints
siys - ID
Talking Heads (Fear Of Music) - Mind
Severed Heads (Rotund For Success) - L.F.M.
Psychic TV (Al - Or - Al) - Thee Induction Ov Trance
Kraftwerk (Kraftwerk 2) - Strom
Stereolab (Transient Random-Noise Bursts With Announcements) - Tone Burst
Coldcut (What's That Noise?) - Not Paid Enough
Primus (Tales From The Punchbowl) - Southbound Pachyderm
The Wolfgang Press (Standing Up Straight) - Dig A Hole
Ultramarine (Wyndham Lewis) - The Liquid Detestable Earth
Cabaret Voltaire (Red Mecca) - Landslide
Material (Hallucination Engine) - Ruin (Submutation Dub)
Red Temple Spirits ("If Tomorrow I Were Leaving For Llasa, I Wouldn't Stay A Minute More...") - 
      Dive In Deep
siys - ID
The Rolling Stones (Sticky Fingers) - Brown Sugar
Garbage (Version 2.0) - Push It
Led Zeppelin (Presence) - For Your Life
Roxy Music (For Your Pleasure) - Editions Of You
Oasis (Be Here Now) - D'You Know What I Mean?
Cocteau Twins (Milk & Kisses) - Violaine
Gusgus ((This Is Normal) - Acid Milk
Finitribe (Grossing 10K) - Monster In The House
Brian Eno (I & II Sampler) - Stiff
The Legendary Pink Dots (Shadow Weaver) - Zero Zero
The Sex Pistols (Never Mind The Bollocks) - God Save The Queen
Pierre Moerlen's Gong (Time Is The Key) - An American In England
Alice Cooper (Easy Action) - Mr. & Misdemeanor
siys - ID
Morrissey ("Kill Uncle") - Tony The Pony
Steve Miller Band (The Best Of 1968 - 1973) - Space Cowboy
Tim Blake (New Jerusalem) - Lighthouse
Jean-Michel Jarre (Les Chants Magnetiques) - Magnetic Fields Part 1
Richard Pinhas (Chronolyse) - Variations VII Sur Le Theme De Bene Gesserit
Underworld (Second Toughest In The Infants) - Air Towel
New Order ('Low-Life') - Sooner Than You Think
Santana (Between Good And Evil) - Song Of The Wind
R.E.M. (Automatic For The People) - Man On The Moon
siys - ID outro

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studio 20 January 2008

MacBook Pro 17 - Custom Computer - for casting & digital archiving
Harmon/Kardon SoundSticks & Subwolfer - Speakers - for on-air monitoring
Mac PowerBook G4 - Computer - for playback
Cyber Acoustic CA-2016 - Speakers - for monitoring playback
RCA WHP140 - Wireless Heaphones - for monitoring on-air talking
Shure SM58 - Microphone
RadioShack SSM-1850 - 4-Channel Stereo Sound Mixer
Sony CDP-CE375 - Compact Disc Player
Sony CDP-CE375 - Compact Disc Player
Philips HE-591 - In-Ear Earbuds - Headphones - for cueing

Stevo In Yr Stereo 10 February 2007
(photo by Deya)

Stevo In Yr Stereo
Celebrated his 25th Anniversary as a DJ

25 September 1979 - 25 September 2004

Stevo In Yr Stereo at KGOU circa 1980
(image processed by siys 26.9.04)

Rob On Your Radio, circa 1975
(image courtesy of Don Cook)

Rob Wilson is my radio muse and the single most influential mentor that inspired me to become a DJ.

Growing up in Tulsa I was exposed to incredible FM radio such as psychedelic station KWGS in the late 60s and progressive stations KTBA and KKUL in the early to mid 70s. Rob worked at KTBA & KKUL and I used to hang out with him in the middle of the night soaking up the radio atmosphere. This was where I gleaned the art of mixing great radio sets and grew a profound bond for the medium and its potential and power to communicate, express and exhilerate. Ultimately, DJing allows me to romanticize my lifelong passion for music.

Check out Reflections on KTBA by Don Cook and Tulsa Counterculture Of The 70s on the website.

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