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31 OCTOBER 2003 - 7:00 PM - 2:00 AM

+ Halloween (Wal-Mart) [Horror Sounds - Fun World]
+ Fright Night (Gemstone Entertainment)
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Inno
Warren Zevon - Werewolves Of London (Halloween Mix)
Sheb Wooley - The Purple People Eater
Johnny Cash - (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
Sue Schnitzer (Boo, Cackle, Trick Or Treat) - Boo, Cackle, Trick Or Treat
Jason Webley - Halloween
Extreme - It's A Monster
The Coffinshakers - Halloween
Gein And The Graverobbers (Songs In The Key Of Evil) - The Haunted House
+ Spooky Sounds (detail)
Synertia - Halloween (October Mix) (detail)
David Kitay (Ghost World Soundtrack) - Theme From Ghost World
Borrah Minevitch (Silly Silly Scary Songs) - The Ghost Walk
Dragstrip 77 - Haunted
The Poet (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 2) - Dead
Sun Ra - Halloween In Harlem
Stevo In Yr Stereo - ID
The Haunted - Horror Show
+ Fright Night In The House Of Horrors
+ Halloween Compact Disk (Chamber Of Horrors)
Mitch (Pumpkinland Halloween Sampler) - Monsters-Creatures
David Bagsby's Ma-Hu Vishnu Orchestra (Scream In The Dark) - Hex House
NoMeansNo - Would We Be Alive?
The Residents (Demons Dance Alone Bonus!) - Black Cats
Jack Starr - Halloween Party
Yum! Yum! ORANGE - Yellow Halloween Night
+ Halloween Scary Sounds (BCI Scaries)
Halloween Bash (Allegheny Music Works) - Boogie Man Blues
Frank Zappa - Goblin Girl
Dead Man's Hand - Halloween
The Moon-Rays (Thrills & Chills) - Experiment In Terror (Creature Features)
The Jimmy Castor Bunch - Dracula Part 1
The Stranglers - Meninblack
The Damned - Grimly Fiendish
P.F. Sloan - Halloween Mary
+ Horrifying Halloween
Stevo In Yr Stereo - ID
Aimee Mann - Frankenstein
Frankies - Creature From The Black Lagoon
Tino Corp. (Tino's Breaks Volume 6 - Hallowe'en Dub) - Ghost Dub
Van Helsing's Curse (Oculus Infernum) - The Tortured Soul
Esham - Redrum
311 - Jack O'Lantern's Weather
Boxcar Willie - Haunted House
XTC - The Ballad Of Peter Pumpkinhead
Mannheim Steamroller (Halloween) - Toccata In De Mole
+ Horror & Terror Frightening Sounds Part 1
Frankie Stein And His Ghouls (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 1) - Lullaby In Ghost Land
Earl Patterson (Monster Bop) - Nightmare Hop
The Cadillacs (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 2) - The Boogie Man
Kac-ties (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 1) - Mister Werewolf
Glen Or Genda - Halloween Dress Up
Johnny Eager (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 1) - The Howl
John Zacherle (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 2) - Weird Watusi
Bobby Boris Pickett (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 1) - The Monster Swim
Stevo In Yr Stereo - ID
Flossie And The Unicorn - The Halloween Puppet Show
+ Horror & Terror Frightening Sounds Part 2
Killarmy - Monster
Tsunami Bomb - The Halloween Story
The Bee Gees - Haunted House
Roger Miller - Machete Hacker's Boogie-Woogie
Bauhaus (1979-1983 Volume One) - Bela Lugosi's Dead (live)
Lustmord - Pyre (Necro Cristi)
+ A Night In A Haunted House/A Night In A Graveyard
Cabaret Voltaire - The Outer Limits
+ Halloween Howls (Sourcebooks) - Introduction (excerpt) [read by Stevo In Yr Stereo]
Robert Fripp - H.G. Wells
Renaldo & The Loaf - She Wears Black
The Residents (Kettles Of Fish On The Outskirts Of Town) - Black
Midnight Syndicate (Dungeons & Dragons) - How Strange
Andy Williams - Spooky
+ Scary Halloween (Creative Music Marketing)
Rob Zombie - Spookshow Baby (Black Leather Cat Suit Mix by Rammstein)
Dane Cook - Horror Movies
Iron Butterfly - Real Fright
Dave Matthews - Gravedigger
The Who - Hall Of The Mountain King
Weird Al - Party At The Leper Colony
The Raveonettes - Attack Of The Ghost Riders
+ Scary Sound Effects: Nightmarish Noise For Halloween (Rhino)
+ Son Of Scary Sound Effects (Rhino)
Grover (Sesame Street) - The Monster In The Mirror
Bjork - Scary
Blue Oyster Cult - The Siege And The Investiture Of Baron Von Frankenstein
The Cure - Fear Of Ghosts
Tim Curry (Worst Witch) - Anything Can Happen On Halloween
Lynda Barry - Halloween With Dad
BadNoName - Theme From Halloween
Misfits - Halloween II (5 September 1980 Master - Session D)
Demented Are Go - Shadow Crypt
Joe Scruggs - On Halloween Night
Statler Brothers - That Haunted Old House
David Bowie - The Devil's Address
Holymen - Halloween
+ Scary Sounds (Paper Magic Group)
Hallucinogen - Halloween
Talamasca - Halloween
+ Scary Sounds Of Halloween (K-tel)
Jim Stevens (Halloween Thriller 2) [The Haunting Music Collection Vol. 12] - The Haunted House
David Bagsby's Ma-Hu Vishnu Orchestra (Scream In The Dark) - Shock Theatre
Mopehead (Pumpkinland Halloween Sampler) - Creature
Mannheim Steamroller (Halloween) - Rock & Roll Graveyard
Phantom Creeps - The Creature Walks Among Us
At Home With The Munsters - Herman's Favorite Story
+ Scary Sounds From The Haunted House (Creative Music Marketing)
Monster Shindig - Monster Shindig Song
+ Screeches, Clanks & Howls (K-tel)
Up Syndrome - I Wanna Get Some On Halloween
The Three-D's (Night Of The Living Fuzz Club!) - Graveyard Cha-Cha
Gein And The Graverobbers (Hang 10) - Spectre Stomp
Hans Conried/Alice Pearce (Monster Rally) - The Invisible Man
Joe Johnson (Monster Bop) - The Gila Monster
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Graveyard Train
Bob Rivers - Ghosts In White Linen
Sue Schnitzer (Boo, Cackle, Trick Or Treat) - Scary Skeleton
Aujourd'hui c'est - Halloween
+ Halloween Howls (Sourcebooks) - Spooky Sounds From Beyond The Grave I & II
Midnight Syndicate (Vampyre) - Vampyre
The Moon-Rays (Thrills & Chills) - Shockwave
Chikitines (Halloween) - Triqui-Triqui, Halloween
Atom And The Package - Halloween
+ Sounds From A Night Of Terror (Compose) (x)
Doctor Blood - Halloween
The Electric Prunes with Peter Lewis - Hollywood Halloween (Dirty Version)
+ Sounds To Haunt Your House (K-tel) (x)
Silly - Halloween In Ostberlin
Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black - I Believe In Halloween
Inkubus Sukkubus - Goblin Jig
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Outro

The majority of selections for this year's broadcast were MP3s downloaded from the Internet


DJ Zath - WARP Radio Network
for making the webcast possible

Mr. Nuclear - flier art

Art Reis - WZRD Engineer
Rick Senne - WZRD Technical Advisor
Nina Sahay - WZRD Program Director
Bob Goode - WZRD Station Manager
Dan Meyer - WZRD DJ
Brett Richardson - WZRD DJ
Ami Gloria - WZRD DJ
& all the other Wizards

Rick Wolfson - MP3s Assistance
Deya & Aikea - CD Players
DJ Sue - Night Of The Living Fuzz Club! compilation
Jason Willis - Frankie Stein And His Ghouls CDs
Richard Miller - Hallowe'en by Lionel Barrymore CD
Mike Hansom - Tulsa TV Memories


artist/group or album title - song/track title

(information in parenthesis which follow artist/group or album title) = album, compilation or soundtrack;
in instances of same name albums, information reflects record label

(information in parenthesis which follow song/track title) = version, mix, date, length or side

+ = played in entirety as eerie ambience background
(x) = excerpt
[] = notes/additinal info

Warren Zevon
24 January 1947 - 7 September 2003

Werewolves Of London (1978)

Johnny Cash
26 February 1932 - 12 September 2003

(Ghost) Riders In The Sky (1979)

Sheb Wooley
10 April 1921 - 16 September 2003

The Purple People Eater (1958)

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