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31 OCTOBER 2015 - 7:00 PM - 12:00AM


Mort Garson (SIYS Halloween 2015) - Edgar Allan Poe's Tell-Tale Heart Inno (SIYS Edit)
+ Scary Sounds Of Halloween (Noteworthy 2007)
+ Haunted House Party (Special Music 1991)
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Inno
The Moon-Rays (Something Wicked) - The Bride
Sam Haynes (The Incredible Dark Carnival) - Electric Freakshow
Stevo In Yr Stereo (Invasion Of The Monster Mashups) - Nightmare City Mash Up 2015
Dante Tomaselli (Nightmare) - Nightmare
Ancient Order Of The Droids & Ambidextroux (Miss Halloween single) - Miss Halloween
Elvira (2 Big Pumpkins/13 Nights Of Halloween single) - 2 Big Pumpkins
Eels (Hombre Lobo) - Fresh Blood
Teenage Bottlerocket (Tales From Wyoming) - Haunted House
Black Tar And The Cry Babies (Season Of The Witch) - SW
+ Halloween Horror (K-tel 1997)
Victor Military Band (SIYS Halloween 2015) - Spookville Chime (1914)
Ancient Order Of The Droids (Terrore! Part Two) - Risvlegio Scuro
The Wolfgangs (Shout With The Devil) - Full Moon
Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats (The Night Creepers) - The Night Creepers
+ Screamin' Halloween Sounds (K-tel 1997)
Andrew Liles (First Monster Last Monster Alway Monster) - Some Kind Of Monster
Nina Simone (Now That's What I Call Halloween!) - I Put A Spell On You
Eerie Ambience
Ataraxia (The Unexplained) - Seance
Screamin' Jay Hawkins (Zack Thee Maniac's Halloween Party!) - I Hear Voices
Marc Streitenfeld (Poltergeist [2015]) - A Poltergeist Intrusion
The Legendary Pink Dots (Hallowe'en Special 2015) - Chaos Hum
Spoon (TV Set single) - TV Set
The Living Tombstone (Invasion Of The Monster Mashups) - Spooky Scary Skeletons (Extended Remix)
Bucketheadland (Digging Under The Basement) - Oh No!
Nick Amado (SIYS Halloween 2015) - Zombeavers (SIYS Edit)
Terrance T-N-T Henry (A Funky Halloween single) - A Funky Halloween
Download (Charlie's Family) - Trick Or Treat
Matt Nathanson (Show Me Your Fangs) - Show Me Your Fangs
Toto Coelo (Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love) EP) - Dracula's Tango (Sucker For Your Love) (Extended Dance Version)
John Carpenter (Lost Themes) - Night
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver - Side 2 x 5 (1974)
Messer Chups (The Incredible Crocotiger) - Insomnia Of The Mummies
Janice Hagan (Halloween Party) - Welcome To My Nightmare
Cab Calloway (Halloween Classics: Songs That Scared The Bloomers Off Your Great-Grandma) - The Ghost Of Smokey Joe
+ Sounds From A Night Of Terror (Compose 1980s)
Voltaire (The Devil's Bris) - When You're Evil
Ponk (Kill A Punk For Rock & Roll single) - A Nightmare On Elm Street
Eerie Ambience
Jaye P. Morgan (SIYS Halloween 2015) - Children Of The Night
Ayee Hugo (Invasion Of The Monster Mashups) - Monster Mash (Dubby Remix)
Lon Chaney & Bobby (Boris) Pickett (Ticklish Tales Of Terror) - The Graveyard
Lord Dent And His Invaders (Ghoul's Night Out Volume 2) - Wolf Call
Bing Crosby with The Rhythmaires (Greatest Ever Halloween) - The Headless Horseman
Sam Haynes (Halloween Haunt Music) - Phantoms
HVOB (Azrael / Ghost) - Ghost (Original Mix)
Russ Ballard (Winning/Barnet Dogs) - Born On Hallowe'en
Bart Lewis (Zack Thee Maniac's Halloween Party!) - Frankenstein
Bob McFadden with Jack Hansen And The Transylvanians (SIYS Halloween 2015) - Transylvania Polka
Astro Zombies (Frogs Legs) - Monster Stroll
Bucketheadland (The Blob) - Blob Enters The Room
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver - A Night In A Haunted House x 5 (1974)
+ Night Of Terror (Gateway 1980s)
Anders Manga (Hexed) - Hexed
FMT Players (SIYS's Best Of Hell-O-Ween Vol. 3 & 4) - Helloween Morning
Puppet Master (SIYS's Best Of Hell-O-Ween Vol. 3 & 4) - Rock On Halloween
FMT Players (SIYS's Best Of Hell-O-Ween Vol. 3 & 4) - The Immortal Classic
Cheekyboy (Invasion Of The Monster Mashups) - Dance Of The Demons
Curtis & Creepers (Zack Thee Maniac's Halloween Party!) - The Thing (Part 2)
The Coasters (Greatest Ever Halloween) - The Shadow Knows
The Moon-Rays (Something Wicked) - The Phantom Creeps
G4Gorilla (Invasion Of The Monster Mashups) - Personal Gomez
Eerie Ambience
Wick-It The Instigator (Invasion Of The Monster Mashups) - Thriller (Remix)
Pineapple Cat (SIYS Halloween 2015) - A Song For Halloween
Goblin (Four Of A Kind) - In The Name Of Goblin
Ancient Order Of The Droids (Terrore! Part Two) - L'uomo Dietro La Maschera
Crossover (Funeral Flowers) - Shadow Of A Nightmare
Sam Haynes (The Incredible Dark Carnival) - Boneyard
Ataraxia (The Unexplained) - Wind Dance
Plastic (Nightmares EP) - Nightmares
Bose (Foundations To Fight With The Shadow) - Skeletons From Heroes III Before Upgrade
+ Sounds Of The Night (Digimusic 2007)
Professor Green (Alive Till I'm Dead) - Monster (feature Example)
Eddie Golden III (Halloween All The Time) - Halloween All The Time
+ Murder Most Foul - Horror Mood Music
Svengoolie & Doug And The Gravetones (SIYS Halloween 2015) - Ain't No Cure For The Trick-Or-Treat Blues! (SIYS Edit)
Run-D.M.C. (Now That's What I Call Halloween!) - Ghostbusters
John Carpenter (Lost Themes) - Abyss (JG Thirlwell Remix)
Dr. Shock (SIYS Halloween 2015) - After Midnight
Paul Frees & Mort Garson (Edgar Allen Poe's Tell-Tale Heart) - Edgar Allen Poe's Tell-Tale Heart (finale)
Ministry (Toronto 1986) - Every Day Is Halloween
Eerie Ambience
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Outro


DJ Zath - Warp-Radio Network Simulcast
Witch Bella - Love & Support


All the Independent Artists and Music Blogs that contributed to the program!!!


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[] = notes/additinal info

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Nightmare City Halloween was simulcast on the WARP-Radio Network!

NCH 2015 Horrifying Recommendations:

Dante Tomaselli - Nightmare (2015)

(click the image to visit the Dante Tomaselli website)

Cinematic Aural Horror!!!

Sam Haynes - The Incredible Dark Carnival (2015)

(click the image to visit the Sam Haynes website)

And, You Thought Only Clowns Were Scary... Listen If You Dare!!!

Sam Haynes - Halloween Horror Music (2015)

(click the image to visit the Sam Haynes Bandcamp webpage)

Royalty Free Music for your favorite scare project!!!

Sam Haynes - Halloween Music: The Best Of Sam Haynes (2015)

(click the image to visit the Sam Haynes Bandcamp webpage)

Dig The Very Best Of Sam Haynes!!!

The Moon-Rays - Something Wicked (2014)

(click the image to visit The Moon-Rays website)

Wickedly Bad... In A Good Way!!!

Ancient Order Of The Droids & Ambidextroux - Miss Halloween (2015)

(click the image to visit the Ancient Order Of The Droids website)

Killer Annual Halloween Song!!!

Ancient Order Of The Droids - Terrore! Part Two (2015)

(click the image to visit the Ancient Order Of The Droids website)

Horror Soundtrack Sequel For The Film That Never Was!!!

Invasion Of The Monster Mashups (2015)

(click the image to visit the Monster Mashups webpage)

The 12th Annual Monster Mashup Compilation!!!

Click the Album Cover to get your Free copy NOW!!!

Featuring, for the very first time, a track by Stevo In Yr Stereo!!!
"Nightmare City Halloween Mash Up 2015"

Ghouls From The Past...

Jaye P. Morgan - Children Of The Night (1983)

Audio Courtesy of Countess Kat

From the 1983 album "Lately!"

1. Mazeppa Movie Intro
2. Mazeppa as Count Rupert Da Rue in a Halloween Spoof
from 1972 on The Uncanny Film Festival And Camp Meeting.

Get You Mazeppa DVDs at the Mazeppa Online Store

NCH 2015 Recommendations These Horror Haunts Near SIYS Radio:

(click the banner to visit the Scream Scene website)

(click the banner to visit the Hair Razor website)

(click the banner to visit The Catacombs website)

Rock N Roll Bella & Stevo In Yr Stereo visited all three haunts and had very scary experiences!!!


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