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31 OCTOBER 2004 - 8:30 AM - 4:00 PM

+ Halloween Sounds Of Horror
+ A Night In A Haunted House (Sounds To Make You Shiver) (x5)
Mr. Nuclear - NCH Inno
Elton John - Funeral For A Friend
Cut La Roc - Halloween (Intro)
The Moon-Rays (The Ghouls Go West) - The Ghouls Go West
Michael Hedstrom (Black Cat 13) - The Rising Dead
Bogey Men - Horrors (Part 1 Halloween Mix)
Albert DeSalvo (Ghouls With Attitude Vol. 1) - Strangler In The Night
Introsound (Twisted Circus) - The Rock-A-Tron
BuG (Monster Mash-Up) - Horror BuG Mix
+ Martha Stewart Living Spooky Scary Sounds For Halloween
Juxtaposeur (Monster Mash-Up) - VPrice Is White
The Chimps (Monster Party 2000) - It's The Mummy
Ethnicity - All Hallows
The Munsters (At Home With The Munsters) - Grandpa's Lab
The Mike Hoffman Orchestra (Monster University) - It's Alive
Big Dee Kornngay (Horror Hop) - At The House Of Frankenstein
(Le Caucheman D'Halloween) - Jack O'Lantern
Jerry Seinfeld - Halloween
Sixteenarmedjack - Halloween Remix
James Bernard (Hammer Horror Collection Vol. 1) - Taste The Blood Of Dracula
clip from Night Of The Living Dead / The Specials (The Haunted Disc) - Ghost Town
+ A Night In A Haunted House (Sounds To Make You Shiver) (detail)
+ Goosebumps Sounds Of Halloween
45 Grave (The Haunted Disc) - Riboflavin
Julie Driscoll - Season Of The Witch
+ Spooky Sounds (
Frankie Stein And Hid Ghouls (Introducing) - Weerdo The Wolf
Sex Sex Sex (Hell On Earth - A Tribute To The Misfits)) - Halloween
(Melodien Zu Halloween) - Halloween Nacht
RJD2 - The Horror
Charles Mingus - West Coast Ghost (Take 6)
The Pixies - Lady In The Radiator
Guana Batz - Werewolf Blues
Bob McFadden (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 2) - Frankie & Igor At A Rock 'N' Roll Party
+ Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House (1964 version & 1979 version)
Nash The Slash - Give Me The Creeps
Sheldon Allman (Dracs Back) - Children's Day At The Morgue
Jimmie Cross (Ghouls With Attitude Vol. 2) - I Want My Baby Back
Spike Jones (In Hi-Fi) - Teenage Brain Surgeon
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver / Halloween (D Records)
The Savoys - The Mortal Monster Man
Tomko's (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 1) - The Spook
Status Quo - Halloween
Stevo In Yr Stereo - ID
The Cool Ghoul - The Monster Speaks
Section 25 - Haunted
Winchell's Donuts House Halloween Record (Ghouls With Attitude Vol. 1) - Hear The Monsters (Spooky Sounds & A Spooky Tale)
DJ BC (Monster Mash-Up) - Dripping Blood
Los Straighjackets (Monster Party 2000) - Rockula
mysterious haunted track
The Drivers (Horror Hop) - Dry Bones Twist
Flip Wilson - Haunted House
Lonnie Jackson - Haunted House
+ Horror Sounds CD (Wal-Mart)
Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 - Halloween
+ Sounds To Haunt Your House
Lionel Barrymore - Halloween (Part 1-6)
Mr. Nuclear - ID
(Melodian Zu Halloween 2) - Dance Of Death
Jay Smith/Vasile Sirli - It's Halloween-Lo-Ween
Halloween, Alaska - Halloween
The Residents - Lights Out/Where Is She (siys version)
+ Spooky Stuff / Spooky Sound Effects
Coyote Ugly - Halloween Slaughterhouse (Part 5)
Michael Hedstrom (Midnight Circus) - The Tunnel Of Fun
Harry Robinson (Hammer Horror Collection Vol. 1) - Lust For A Vampire
+ Ghostly Sounds (Power) / Mostly Ghostly
Winnie The Pooh (The Haunted Disc) - Heffalumps And Woozles
(Un Billet Pour L'Horreur) - Mauvais Reves
Neil Young - Vampire Blues
Korn and Marilyn Manson - Blair Witch
DJ Gizmo & Dark Raver - Directions In Fear
Buckethead - Ghost
Nervous System - Finsterer Tanzpartner (Sinister Dance Partner)
Electric Hellfire Club - Halloween Medley
+ Mannheim Steamroller EFX Disc
Liars - There's Always Room On The Broom
eerie ambience
Jethro Tull - Witch's Promise
Tony & The Monstrosities (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 2) - Igor's Lament
+ Haunted House Party
Frankie Stein And His Ghouls (Shock! Terror! Fear!) - Who's Afraid Of Weerdo Wolf
Gene Moss (Dracula's Greatest Hits) - The New Frankenstein
Glen Ryle (Ghouls With Attitude Vol. 2) - Wolf Gal
Johnny Eager (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 1) - The Howl
Surf Rats - Zombie Hunt
Griz Green (Ghouls With Attitude Vol. 1) - Jam At The Mortuary
Kip Tyler (Horror Hop) - She's My Witch
Don Hinson & The Rigomorticians (Ghouls With Attitude Vol. 1) - Riboflavin-Flavored, Non-Carbonated, Polyunsaturated Blood
Weird Al - Attack Of The Radioactive Hamster From A Planet Near Mars
The Mike Hoffman Orchestra (Monster University) - Monster Mania
+ Sounds Of Halloween
The Moon-Rays (The Ghouls Go West) - The Grim Creeper
Michael Hedstrom (Clive Manor) - Clive Manor
Jay Smith/Vasile Sirli - It's Halloween-Lo-Ween (World Dreamy - remix by Doru)
David Bagsby's Ma-Hu Vishnu Orchestra (Scream In The Dark) - The Chilling, Thrilling Tulsa Sound Part 3
+ 101 Digital Sound Effects - Sounds Of Horror
Backyard Babies (Hell On Earth - A Tribute To The Misfits) - Teenagers From Mars
Elon.Is (featuring Mercury) - Halloween
Bessie Smith - Haunted House Blues
Al Jolson - That Haunting Melody
The Hellbenders (Monster Party 2000) - Ghosts From Boot Hill
Jason Trachtenburg - Halloween
+ Sounds Of Horror, Sci-Fi, & The Weird
Voicedude (Monster Mash-Up) - This File Is Haunted
Bass D & King Matthew - The Witch
The Cramps (The Haunted Disc) - I Was A Teenage Werewolf
Jad Fair & Daniel Johnson - Frankenstein vs. The World
Rocker 350 - Monster Swing
Deadly Ones (Monster Sounds & Boppin' Tracks Vol. 2) - Monster Surfing Time
Lenny Bruce - Enchanting Transylvania
Frankie Stein and His Ghouls (Monster Melodies) - Doctor Spook
The Mike Hoffman Orchestra (Monster University) - Invisible Man
+ Sounds Of Horror (SSE)
Michael Hedstrom (Black Cat 13) - Black Cat III
The Moon-Rays (The Ghouls Go West) - The Hanging Tree
Aphex Twin - Logon Rock Witch (Demo)
Al Zanino (Ghouls With Attitude Vol. 2) - The Vampire Speaks
Mr. Nuclear & Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Outro

The majority of selections for this year's broadcast were MP3s downloaded from the Internet


DJ Zath - WARP Radio Network WEBCAST

Mr. Nuclear - special guest host

Rick Senne - WZRD Technical Advisor
Mark Busse - NEIU Computer Technician
Alyssa Coiley - WZRD Station Manager
Judson Coleman - WZRD Program Director
Nina Sahay - WZRD DJ
John Sweeney - WZRD DJ
Mike Krause - WZRD DJ
Beth Turkin - WZRD DJ
Liz Neely - WZRD DJ
Jared Toporek - WZRD DJ
Josh Reyes - WZRD DJ
Effie Mihopoulos - WZRD DJ
& all the other Wizards

Patrick Neve - vinyl to digital transfers
Jocelyn Benko - French sound effects records, CDs & cassette
Deya - CD Player & Camera
Rael - MP3s
Mike Hansom - Tulsa TV Memories


artist/group or album title - song/track title

(information in parenthesis which follow artist/group or album title) = album, compilation or soundtrack;
in instances of same name albums, information reflects record label

(information in parenthesis which follow song/track title) = version, mix, date, length or side

+ = played in entirety as eerie ambience background
(x) = excerpt
[] = notes/additinal info

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