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31 OCTOBER 2012 - 7:00 PM - 12:00AM

+ SIYS (Sounds To Make You Shiver) - A Night In A Haunted House
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (edit) (Side 1 x 5)
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Inno
Johnathan Mooney (Monster Mashup 2012) - Welcome To The Horror Show
The Wonderland Singers (Spooky Halloween Hits) - Halloween Friends
The Von Hoffman Orchestra (Monster University Pajama Party) - Transylvania Dreaming
Bobby Breton (Scream In The Dark) - Natasia's Nightmare
James Fisher (Rue Morgue Presents Nightmare Picture Theatre) - Bedside Presence
Sam Haynes (Halloween Carnival) - Phantom Creeps
DJ Hal Lo Ween (Hal Lo Ween) - Nosferatu Blues
Cheekyboy (The Curse Of Monster Mashup) - It's Halloween
Vincent Price (A Hornbook For Witches) - How To See Ghosts Or Surely Bring Them To You
Haddonfield (They're Still Alive!) - Vincent Price
Santa Hates You (It's Alive) - How To Create A Monster
David Garza (SIYS Halloween 2012) - The Scariest Halloween Song Ever
The Radicals (Halloween Rhymes and Children's Crimes) - You're My Little Mellowcreme Pumpkin
Walter Murphy (Phantom of The Opera) - Toccata And Funk In D Minor
Ray Stevens (MY(P)WHAE Halloween 2012) - Laughing Over My Grave
Lords Of Acid (Vampire Girl) - Paranormal Energy
Ghoul Patrol (Ghoul It Up!) - I Don't Believe In Ghosts
Frank Scanzani & Bill McGinness (Believers Beware - The Devil's Deception) - Evil Walks This Way
Jerry Goldsmith (Thriller - TV Score) - The Grim Reaper
Tobiaz (Do The Fright Thing Vol. 3) - You Fear It
The Candy Spook Theater (Spookywonderland) - Spook House
+ 57 Haunts Of Halloween
Voicedude (The Curse Of Monster Mashup) - Goblin Style
+ 57 Haunted House Horrors
Eerie Ambience
Dead Terror (SIYS Halloween 2012) - Boogeyman
Daringers (Trick Or Treat Volume 7) - The Morgus Creep
Ouija Ouitch (Halloueen) - Halloueen
The Coffinshakers (We Are The Undead) - Pale Man In Black
Color Theory (It Must Be Halloween EP) - It Must Be Halloween (Carved Souls Whisper Mix)
Sabbat Noir (Grimoire Of Cthulu) - Ghostly Harpist
Thee Cormans (Halloween Record With Sound Effects) - Creature's Crawl
Crim (SIYS Best Of Haunted House Sampler) - Werewolf (Original Mix)
The Johnston Brothers (MY(P)WHAE Halloween 2012) - The Creep
Attrition (Death House) - Dead Of Night (detail)
The Moon-Rays (The Ghouls Go West) - Dark Shadows
Supa (Blown - Halloween) - I Love Halloween
Dave Rudolf (Bride Of Halloween Spooktacular) - Munster Theme/Ghoul Gala
Mr. Fab (The Bride Of Monster Mashup) - Cannibal Zombie Mom
Chuck Osbourne (SIYS Halloween 2012) - Frankenstein pt 1
Luminous (Halloween In A Haunted World Remix Project) - Scared Stiff 1
Horror Hotel (Ghoul And Unusual Punishment) - The Ghostly Shuffle ("The Late Dr Lady Show" Theme)
+ Night Of Terror
Ross Brunetti (Halloween) - Halloween
The Implicit Order (Halloween) - Trick-Or-Treat Or Die!
Verse 13 (Monster Mashup 2012) - Skeletons In The Closet
Candy Van (Trippin' At Drac's) - Trippin' At Drac's / Boffin' In The Coffin
+ Sounds From A Night Of Terror
Eerie Ambience
Sam Haynes (Halloween Carnival) - Something Wicked
The Von Hoffman Orchestra (Monster University Pajama Party) - Island Of Dr. Moreau
Lew White (MY(P)WHAE Halloween 2012) - Dance Macabre
Gary Reader (Gothic Horror!) - Witch's Brew
The Hit Crew (Trick Or Treat - Spooky Sounds) - The Rising Dead
George S. Irving (More Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark) - A Ghost In The Mirror
Meat Beat Manifesto (Storm The Studio) - I Got The Fear, Part 4
The 3-D Invisibles (Jump Off The Scream) - Werewolf Party
The Ghouls (Dracula's Duece) - Bela Be Good
Woody Woodpecker (SIYS Halloween 2012 1) - Spook-A-Nanny
Sedicion (Verdaderas Historias De Horror) - Historia De Horror
Cocktail Trio (Crimineel) - Spookhaus
The Haunts (Spooky Tunes For Gals & Goons) - Skeleton's Hymn
The Lolligaggers (Seven Deadly Songs) - Halloween
Eternal Legacy (The Dead Matter) - The Dead Matter
Henri Rene Musette Orchestra (MY(P)WHAE Halloween 2012) - The Merry Ghost From Chatham Square
The Weirdos (Trick Or Treat Volume 6) - E.S.P.
Voicedude (Monster Mash-Up) - Black Magic Thriller
+ Screamin' Halloween Sounds
Jack Dorsey (The Headless Horseman) - Witches' Rap
+ Angoisse Et Epouvante [1991]
Christopher Brown (Do The Fright Thing Volume 4) - The Ghost (Of Halloween)
The Vooduo (The Spooky, Swingin' Sounds of Kreepsville Manor) - House On Haunted Hill
Frank Daniels and Wade Denning (Sounds Of Terror) - The Nightmare Of Lost Souls
Eerie Ambience
Deathwatch Beetle Repairman (Fritz's Dark Carnival) - The Carny Of Mr. Dark
The Town Monster (SIYS Halloween 2012) - Bela Lugosi
Tommy and Jimmy Dorsey Orchestra (Spooky Halloween Hits) - My Friend The Ghost
LeeDM101 (The Curse Of Monster Mashup) - Midnight Moon
Oddest Audio (Freaky Sounds Of Frightville) - The Phantom Organ
Sun Thrown Shadows (All Hallow's Eve) - Halloween (90's Drill & Bass Version)
Long Tall Ernie & The Shakers (Meet The Monsters) - (I'm The) Mummy
Dickie Goodman (The Monster Album) - Monster Talk
Lee Blaske (Behind The Day - Journey Of A Vampire) - Behind The Day, Part 2
Kiriae Crucible (Trick Or Treat Volume 5) - The Salem Witch Trial
Two Steps From Hell (Halloween) - To Die On Halloween (featuring Nick Phoenix)
Boris Karloff (Tales Of The Frightened - Volumes I & II) - Just Inside The Cemetery
Black Andy (Do The Fright Thing Vol. 3) - Graverobber
+ Scary Sounds Of Halloween (Noteworthy)
The Monsters (I See Dead People) - Diggin My Grave
DJ Hal Lo Ween (Hal Lo Ween) - Monster Mash Remix
The Emperor (MY(P)WHAE Halloween 2012) - I'm Normal
French Wives (SIYS Halloween 2012) - Halloween
+ Halloween Horrorscapes
Stefano Ercolino (The Curse Of Monster Mashup) - The Thing
The Von Hoffman Orchestra (Monster University Pajama Party) - Millions Of Zombies
Sam Haynes (Halloween Carnival) - Trick Or Treat
The Wonderland Singers (Spooky Halloween Hits) - Guess What I Am?
Eerie Ambience
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Outro

In Memory of Janice Sue Meckler Wolfson 1933-2012


Dana Paull - CDs
Aikea Elyse - Transportation
Rick - Driving (Me Nervous)
Mr. Nuclear - Alternate Poster Art
Witch Bella - Love & Support


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NCH 2012 Horrifying Recommendations:

Sam Haynes - Halloween Carnival (2012)

(click the image to visit the Sam Haynes website)

Electronic Horror Tour De Force from the Maestro of Monster Mash-Ups!!!!

Killer's Moon from Sam Haynes' Halloween Carnival (2012)

(click the image to purchase Sam Haynes Halloween Carnival)

The Von Hoffman Orchestra - Monster University Pajama Party (2010)

(click the image to visit the Monster University website)

The Von Hoffman Orchestra has done it again, with the latest release of the best Halloween music anywhere!!!

Island Of Dr. Moreau from Monster University - Pajama Party (2010)

Monster University - TV Special (2010)

(click the image to get the Monster University TV Special DVD)

Run, don't limp, gimp or drag, to get your copy of the Monster University TV Special DVD!!!

Trailer from Monster University - TV Special (2010)

Curse Of The Monster Mashup (2012)

(click the image to visit the Halloween Music website)

More Magnificent Monster Mashups for your Halloween Horrors & Bonus CD of Halloween Music Madness!!!

Ghosthouse by Sam Haynes from Halloween Music 2012

Golden Records - Spooky Halloween Hits (2012)

(click the image to visit the Golden Records website)

All The Wonderful Halloween Songs You Remember From Your Childhood Are Here!!!

Free Facebook Download
Purchase at Amazon
Purchase at iTunes

Golden Records Spooky Halloween Hits Promo

DJ Hal Lo Ween - The Nosferatu Blues (2010)

(click the image to visit DJ Hal Lo Ween's SoundCloud page)

DJ Hal Lo Ween - Da Monsta Mash (2010)

(click the image to visit DJ Hal Lo Ween's SoundCloud page)

DJ Hal Lo Ween - Monster Mash - Up Tempo Version (2010)

(click the image to visit DJ Hal Lo Ween's SoundCloud page)

Big Bad Bloody Blues & Two Versions Of A Halloween Classic Remake!!!


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