SIYS + NCH Guestbook Archive

Dave Sitbon the emba Nobtis Page of Strange 27/Jul/2002:20:57:58
Great site! I enjoyed my visit here very much. You'll have to stop by
my site...I'm sure you'll all LOVE it. Please keep up the good work,
as I'll surely visit again. Thanks, and take care.
its a secret and that 25/Jul/2002:09:04:26
think you might like SLOW SMILEs song
then again you might not
can be found at
Katie Harris FREE STUFF 20/Jun/2002:04:08:23
Hello from Vegas

Lanaya 13/Jun/2002:08:28:50
Very appealing site. Fascinating.
SirVentolin None 12/Jun/2002:12:43:13
Halloween AND Kraftwerk.....THE best combination ever.
trtrrq f.g.f.g.f.fg 03/Jun/2002:00:08:43
jjhjh tr rtr rtr trtr r
DOUD DAVIDSON   27/May/2002:07:09:45
Hannah   04/May/2002:10:52:08
Guwie Guwie's Animatie's 24/Apr/2002:15:24:09
Hello dear, your site is very wonder ful, l like your beautiful
paintigs, enjoyed my visit here, l will com back to see more updates.
Wiht friendy greatings from Holland Guwie.
John Web Design Australia 08/Apr/2002:00:45:51
Great Website! Thanks heaps for the information. :)
Emperor Nuclear Nuclear Funtime 02/Mar/2002:12:55:02
I like seeing the past posters for the show.
scrappy kat HallowFreaks 16/Jan/2002:10:36:36
just dropping by for updates. You've done a wonderful job. Best wishes
for 2002!
Lord Emperor Maxmill Nuclear Funtime 27/Dec/2001:07:18:36
Just checked out the sight man! It me very movin', in a religious kinda
Guusje.v.d.Wiel Art gallery 25/Dec/2001:14:57:28
Hi Siys L love your site and the greet works from you. l com back to
see you work again thanks Greeting Guusje x-mas and a good 2002 From
Mouse   11/Dec/2001:07:06:43
Great work Stevo!
Time to dust off the old sound gear. We would like to have your spirit
and imagination to create summ tunes. We now work by mail and CD. What
do you think ?
Peace and happy holidays.
Max Nuclear Nuclear Funtime 25/Nov/2001:06:41:28
I just viewed gallery 14 and it looks great! I was listening to the 60's
channel on my radio and the psychedelic images made me all nostalgic!
Mark Halloween Radio 05/Nov/2001:12:18:11

I had a chance to tune in and listen to the broadcast via Live365 later
on Halloween night and into the morning. GREAT broadcast. I really
enjoyed the odyssey.

Happy Haunting,

Mark Harvey
Tangento Tangento's Psych Music Pscenario 04/Nov/2001:10:28:18
What an awesome site! I feel like I have really been missing out for
the last thirty years... This place looks like fertile ground for
candidates for my "List From Hell". Keep up the ghoulish work.
nancy bechtol Be Art Now Gallery 04/Nov/2001:08:01:18
hey stevo,
your mind moves and travels..this is good
peace out
j   29/Oct/2001:23:33:25
cindy   27/Oct/2001:09:28:53
cosmad 27/Oct/2001:03:52:03
W-0-W! What a history! Enjoyed finding your site. I'm on the next
broom to Chicago to hear the 23rd broadcast.

Come on by our house, anytime, and grab some awards for all your hard
work. Happy Hauntings to u -&- yours, and have the best broadcast ever.

Catch u at the graves,
Cosmad | |
Drew   24/Oct/2001:10:53:33
cool site!
Ixanar   20/Oct/2001:09:53:33
I had forgotten that you were going to add games! i tried them all. My
1) Trick or Trash game. Good fun, but one of the little kids in the
opening credits looks like a haunted condom.
2) Tarot Toy. I REALLY liked the graphics, and it is much more
traditional and acurate than Miss Cleo. (No phony Jamacian accent
3) Blammo. I love shoot 'em ups, but who is the WEIRDO flying the
spaceship? The Martians are laughing at me.
4) Yars revenge. I love old video games! i love blowing them up even
more. Nostalgia.
5) Dracula: I like the game but Dracula is too fast for my system For a
dead guy he can really move!

Good spread of the diffrent kinds of games. It's fun! have a Happy

ron   18/Oct/2001:18:11:40
LAUREN GHOSTS 17/Oct/2001:17:17:40

Kathi Grandview Graveyard 17/Oct/2001:10:06:09
Have a safe Halloween!
cryptkeeper Fright Site Fights! 16/Oct/2001:02:25:30
Hello, you are invited to add your site to the Fright Site Fights!

this top list will be highly advertized and we would be delighted to
have you join.
Webmaster:Fright Site Fights!
Lord Emperor Maxmill Nuclear Funtime 14/Oct/2001:19:15:47
The Archives is much easier to read and follow. Very good!

DMonkey The Demon's Monkey 13/Oct/2001:06:32:58

That was a most interesting read! :-) Being somewhat familiar with
internet radio, I found it quite relevent to my interests and I'm sure
alotta people's! Drop by my site if ya get a chance, we'd love ta have

DMonkey! :-)
Z When Darkness Comes 08/Oct/2001:18:52:35
Wow! Lots of great stuff here!

Halloween Nightmare
Diane   23/Sep/2001:05:55:39
Beautiful images! Beautiful you!
BaBy G! just a g thang 15/Aug/2001:22:52:37
DiGri DiGri's Eclectic World of Halloween 15/Aug/2001:00:50:42
Cool horror site -- it definitely deserves an award -- I'm sending it
now. Happy Haunting!
Mike Ransom Tulsa TV Memories 12/Aug/2001:17:46:49

You've done some incredible hat's off to you!
Your Auntie Diane   31/Jul/2001:07:08:49
This Saga is amazing, as are you!!! I hope I have the chance to see
some of your art, and your graduation show in person. Hopefully soon!
Love U,
Scrappy Kat HallowFreaks 15/Jul/2001:23:20:54
Kick ass site.....great to see fellow halloween freaks out there making
fun and mischief on my favorite night. Well done! =)
Emperor Nuclear Nuclear Funtime 11/Jul/2001:08:52:22
Lookin' good! I'm suprised you can remember all those performances! I do
really like the color clickers. The site will make a good resume`.

Scott   10/Jul/2001:05:10:25
I was directed to your site by a mutual friend. Very nice artwork.
Emperor Maxmillian N NUCLEAR FUNTIME 09/Jul/2001:04:02:19
I done traveled da pages! Dey be awesome! (I like the new clickers!) I'm
on the outside lookin' in! It was actually an enjoyable
Neander Ferd   09/Jul/2001:00:58:59
Jus' wut in tarnation iz all theze dang nabbit weird -&- crazy lookin'
pictures all about. I thinks someone is plumb loony, that's what i'z a
XXAM   07/Jul/2001:03:45:20
I just took a gentle stroll thru all 12 "Official" galleries, and was
somewhat suprised to come across a 'Hidden Gallery'.

Very interesting................

cjay   05/Jul/2001:22:20:43

Looking good! Lots of neat artwork - looks like you've been busy!
Mr. Nuclear Nuclear Funtime 05/Jul/2001:00:40:14
Gallery 12 makes me want to make more postcards!
Heather Howe Wanted 15/Jun/2001:10:58:35
Stevo, that is some amazing stuff. You are so creative. I wish my
mind could have thought of some of those pieces. I love "Those Eyes".
I'm going to tell everybody I know to visit!
scott   09/May/2001:18:20:01
depressionist school among many others
i only viewed spiritual depression site it was ok
Sean Bowler Sean Bowler 30/Apr/2001:17:58:45
Got your message, Will try to send you CD's although it would be easier
to send you the MP3 versions.
kristian   26/Apr/2001:03:28:12
The title is
A Night In A Haunted House
A Night In A Graveuard
It's a double playThe track I need is titled:
Entering the Haunted House.
You see I am directing a play called the Uninivited
And as a Intro for the audiance to get into the mood and seattle down
we were using this; however, my assistant broke the Cd and taped over
the cassette, leaving me with nothing.
We began our second and last week-end tonight.
Annything with mention of a house on a cliff narrated is what I need.
Just so you know we are a Small Community non-profit theater group and
finally I had a chance to show these guys how to put on a REAL show.
Thanks, Kristian
kristian   26/Apr/2001:03:21:20
kristian   25/Apr/2001:16:53:19
trying to find cd sounds from the cd
A Nigth at A Haunted House
geek23ka   23/Apr/2001:08:50:10
please please please

if ANYONE has Trial - Lobotomized Visions in their collection, would
you be so kind as to write to me and we could work out a deal for a
recording of it? I have not heard it since 1988 and am desperate for it

thank you ever so much...
Mrs. Cowguts (Piled)High on Diapers? 22/Apr/2001:21:51:05
Ahhhhh...You know, it's all simply sooooooo much fun, especially when
your brain is full, and you need a little vacation from the norm. Whew!
Norm is really tiresome. Have a super week! Lola
Kostia   20/Apr/2001:11:36:32
Mister WZRD WZRD Chicago Streaming Archive Show 03/Apr/2001:05:56:32
Nightmare is always a treat to listen to. Send me tapes and we will put
it up on our WZRD archive stream at:

Anybody with WZRD broadcasts please contact us!
MAXX Nuclear Funtime 24/Feb/2001:06:23:04
Just doing my research...
Max Nuclear   21/Feb/2001:02:33:47
I have gone thru gallery 1 to 11. I can't completley describe the
experiance. I startedat1:00 in the morning, and wound up here.
the infinite one i n f i n i t e r e a l m 16/Feb/2001:17:43:15
people who sign guestbooks RULE!!!!!
Emperor Maxmillian N Nuclear Funtime 12/Feb/2001:02:42:23
You done it boy! Lookin' good!
greg   07/Feb/2001:22:10:08
Hi, interesting pieces, the orgy for eyes. Take care!
Mark Halloween Radio 06/Feb/2001:15:30:31
Hi there!

Thought I'd drop by and say "hello".

Pumpkinland II is out now as is Rain Station's DARK RIDE CD. You can
listen to streams of the CDs at Halloween Radio. Let me
know if you're interested in getting copies for your broadcast.

Take care,

rick   04/Feb/2001:03:47:37
siys is a great site!!! The only site nearly as good is Salvador Dali
Gallery. Please add more!!!
ricktje   04/Feb/2001:03:36:38
dis is das olden one
MOM   31/Jan/2001:14:26:04
Dear Stevo, Yur web site rocks. You are so amazingly talented!!!!!!!! I always knew you had it in you and I am remarkably proud of you. From your totally unbiased MOMMY
Baron Munchausen   23/Jan/2001:06:02:42
It loads almost INSTANTLY! And I've already added two songs to my

Henrey X.   15/Jan/2001:10:41:26
It be workin' Massa! Da browser done re-directed my ass to da new page!
And it loaded fasta dan' a Junebug dancin' on a hot griddle! Damn!!
The Infinite One   13/Jan/2001:16:24:50
Hello everyone! I got the awesome task of letting you know that sTeVo iN
yR sTuDiO and Nightmare City Halloween have moved to newer sleeker URLs
for the 21st century and the real millennium!!!
The new URL addresses are:
Emperor Nuclear Nuclear Enterprises 10/Jan/2001:07:23:48
Your sights OK....Just kidding. I like it. I like the new address.
Mary Gonzales   23/Dec/2000:22:01:25
Since the first time that I had the pleasure of viewing this site. I
have had a new appreciation for Art. Stevo has opened up that part of
my life for me with his work and his friendship.And for that I thank
him . Keep up the good work Stevo . I love You .... Mary
Qwe Qwe: the Only Site That Ear's the Purple Bucket# 08/Dec/2000:19:38:11
I like the residents
Steve 'Pudgy' De Ros The loony universe of Steve 'Pudgy' De Rose. 30/Nov/2000:22:09:11
Thank you very much, Stevo, for your intriguing broadcast on WZRD on
Halloween night. Of course, I listen to WZRD because I love its
diversity anyhow, so you really couldn't lose... !=D
EMPEROR Nuclear Enterprises 02/Oct/2000:04:37:57
I love the NCH page except for one thing. Whenever I check it out w/ the
new pictures, MY picture only comes out halfway! I thought this was a
one time fluk, but it keeps happening! Fix it OR DIE!!!
P.S. Luv Ya!
Captain Spanky   22/Sep/2000:17:35:06
Read thru the new intro of your "Nightmare City Halloween quite
thouroughly. Thought the photos of the two very strange looking gents
were just FAB! (But the guy in white looks like a Klansman!) I hope this
Nuclear chap cleans up his act for your next show however. Sounds like
he can be a regular "Pain in the prostate" if you know what I mean.
Jolly good luck on your show!
Mom   07/Sep/2000:14:43:47
Saw even more today and it totally blows my mind as to how talented you are, but then I have always known that. Love you!
Janice Wolfson   04/Sep/2000:16:04:53
Love it! Love it! lve it! I will keep on a viewing.
MAX Nuclear Enterprises 20/Aug/2000:20:10:04
Damn good!
olivia   12/May/2000:10:53:47
I really like your stuff, but you already know that. O
Maxmillian Nuclear NUCLEAR ENTERPRISES 12/May/2000:10:23:13
I gotta burn my shorts! More news later!
Laura Stone   03/May/2000:11:11:44
I was here and it was so very cool.
Dan 27/Apr/2000:18:45:58
Hi-I've been searching the web for a copy of Flippy T. Fishead's Werecow
recording. I had no response from the record company via the address on
Dr Demento's pages. Have you got any suggestions how I might get a copy
of that song. I had it on reel-to-reel and accidently erased it. Thanks.
Yo Daddy   14/Mar/2000:11:11:19
Hi Stevo, I'm at the Volunteer Center and we finally got onto your
website. That's all for now because I've got to get back to work.
SUPERSTOCK   05/Mar/2000:19:11:40
Sara Surkamp The David Surkamp Band 23/Dec/1999:10:44:22
Thanks for the Christmas cheer!! Hope that your next millenium is a
rockin' one!!
Emperor Maxmillian   24/Nov/1999:07:54:59
Just saw the new page with the '99 playlist. Man, that must have taken a
while! Good work. (Especially about the "Too fucking sick" part on page
uncle meat   19/Nov/1999:01:33:06
damn...this shit takes a while to load....
love to keekee and deyoh

howz trix?
e-mail me you freekin' fool!!!!
i have a COOL iMAC with lots of fun software.
toddy woddy   19/Nov/1999:01:27:24
you are cool
i am cooler.
i named you.

i am todd
Emperor Maxmillian N   01/Nov/1999:09:12:22
Well, here's a post-Halloween message for you on your site. From the way you sounded on the phone, you thought the show went really well. Let me know when you get around to those cards (No rush)! And by the way, as you already know, they are running ads on your Guestbook page. Call in sick today and relax.
Emperor Maxmillian N   01/Nov/1999:08:16:19
Well, Stevo, it's the day after and it sounds like everything went great! I'm glad I got to help out a little on the 20th anniversary. You''l probably get in touch with me later today. Later Pumkin Boy!
Vincent Price   29/Oct/1999:01:42:21
Lisa Pagones is due to have a baby NEXT Friday! If we can scare her enough, she might have it on Sunday during the show! It'll be a "Nightmare City Baby"! Think about it!
Richard Simmons   25/Oct/1999:05:41:51
Who is that handsome man decending the staircase with an axe? Why, Here
he comes...Mr. Nuclear!...Divine photo! Well placed.
Mr. Nuclear   22/Oct/1999:06:55:36
Isn't that Whittney Spears something?
Mr. Nuclear   18/Oct/1999:23:27:45
Just wanted to see my picture again. I'm very heavly medicated right
now. And for the general public, I had a wonderful piss fit.
Your's truly,
Emperor Maxmillian Nuclear
lili stringer-vida   18/Oct/1999:22:49:00
Mr. Nuclear   17/Oct/1999:07:18:09
My cat and I were viewing your artwork once more...and she swatted my balls again.
MR. NUCLEAR   17/Oct/1999:07:12:57
Where can I get a good cream soda, and who is that HANDSOME black and white guy halfway between your web page?
Lance Stormy Schri   14/Oct/1999:22:28:51
Hey there Stevo! Todd hooked me up to your site from an e-mail. Nice
work! Hope all is well with you -&- yours. Todd was my best man just
recently (9/18) and that means I'm married again! This time to the right
woman, Ms. Sara Hickman. And it also means I'm an instant dad to her 3
year old daughter Lily! is good!
take care,

Mr. Nuclear   13/Oct/1999:08:04:28
I was looking for child pornography! What the Hell is this "Nightmare
City" shit?! Juuuuust Kidding! I really like the way the Nuclear photo
was done on the intro page.
Love, A VERY sick man.
EMPEROR MAXMILLIAN N   10/Oct/1999:10:39:24
Get these damn monkees of of ME!!!
Jerry Falwell   04/Oct/1999:07:03:22
You Godless heathen! Celebrating a pagan holiday such as "Halloween"!!!
you should be sent straight to heck! Wait a minute, who the fuck am I
kidding, nothing is more fun than one day of the year where you can act
really wierd and tee-pee somebody's house. Forget what I just said.
LOVE the "Nightmare" page...and the rest of that art shit to. Don't
forget to pray!
Deya Holli   28/Sep/1999:12:46:48
The coolest web site in the entire net. LOVE IT!!!
Nancy Bechtol Be Art Now Gallery 27/Sep/1999:18:36:19
I maintain a connection to your website since bizarre genius must stick
You have done it to the maximun, right on bro'
Universal Peace and Love,
Theo Theo's Thang 13/Sep/1999:21:18:37
Cool site! Enjoyed reading the NCH history. Thanks for letting Theo's
Thang be a part of your 20th anniversary show!
eydie   06/Sep/1999:21:51:00
love it babe
Jon Glazer n/a 06/Sep/1999:04:05:25

SirenSummer To Drown A Rose 06/Sep/1999:03:23:51
This is nice. Lots of pretty things to look at. I could see this art on
rave flyers. Even with out drugs i enjoy it. Keep up the nice work.
Aikea aka Bootychick   04/Sep/1999:16:19:45
I really think your work is good, even though I'm not really into
electronic abstract art. But I really do think you're a good artist.
RAEL DAEVID WOLFSON   08/Jul/1999:12:05:14
Store Nine   17/May/1999:14:59:45
I can't get no, no no no!

It just occurred to me that we would find you out there on the
Web. Everything is connected.

Store Nine is watching, waiting, learning.

And we still have a photocopy of your private parts.

EyeStation   17/Apr/1999:20:09:08
Stevo my man, very cool site. I wasn't quite sure what you did when I first met you,
But after following some "Stinking" links I came across a familliar name. Very nice
work here. I tried this myself with just the monitor and camera , but not with results
like this. Bravo my Man!!
See you at the next Huddle
scomar2.0   12/Apr/1999:23:11:56
I staired at your art while on acid, but all I saw was a white page...
Mr. Nuclear   07/Apr/1999:00:51:53
I love all the pretty colors! I'd type more right now, but my cat is
swatting at my balls. (I must remember to wear underwear while I'm at
the computer). Keep up the strange work!
Stefan 02/Apr/1999:13:40:45

Hello Stevo.

I'm a fellow Residents fanatic, just surfing around checking som links
Very nice pictures you have made, keep up the good work.
Drop a line if you want.
Bye from Sweden
Nancy Bechtol Be Art Now Gallery 28/Mar/1999:14:38:47
You have taken the medium to new highs.
Scott   26/Mar/1999:21:23:04
Whilst surfing in the wee small hours of the night I came across your
images which incidently were inspiring; thanks for the privilage will be
sure to return for future updates!A trip worth taking!
Lee-ohki.   21/Mar/1999:01:31:44
Really pretty work, glad to see that there are other people out there
doing the analog thing.

Kosta (webmaster, so Spiritual Depressionism - Webmaster 05/Mar/1999:13:23:34
I must say i like some of your works, very vivid and creative
Teddy Jack Eddy   24/Feb/1999:02:31:23
Das ist uber-tastic! Me liken zie gooden. Das ist van awesum zite.

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