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31 OCTOBER 2010 - 7:00 PM - 2:30 AM

MGMT (Congratulations) - Lady Dada's Nightmare
+ Halloween Sounds Of Horror [1999]
+ Weddington Productions - Happy Halloween
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Inno
Marilyn Manson (Nightmare Revisited) - This Is Halloween
Pink Floyd (Relics) - Careful With That Axe, Eugene
Count Ridicula (The Vampire's Lament) - The Vampire's Lament
Pamela Conn Beall & Susan Hagen Nipp (Wee Sing For Halloween) - The Dark House
Casey Redmond (Strange Tales For Late At Night) - Where Monsters Fear To Tread
Checkyboy (Pumpkin' On Your Stereo) - Munster In My Pants
Midnight Syndicate (The Dead Matter) - Graveyard (Dead And Buried Remix)
Mike Gibson (Halloween Is Dead) - Theme from Haunted Shadows
William Lava (Dracula Vs. Frankenstein) - Battle Of The Creatures
Scientist (Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires) - Ghost Of Frankenstein
Ministry (Every Day Is Halloween Greatest Tricks) - Every Day Is Halloween (2010 Evil Version)
Eerie Von & Mike Morance (Uneasy Listening) - Nightmare
American Symphony Orchestra (West Orange, NJ) (Hallows Swing comp) - Hallowe'en Dance [1909]
+ Halloween Sound Effects [1999, LaserLight]
Nouvelle Vague (Bande A Part) - Bela Lugosi's Dead
Unto Ashes (Projekt: Gothic) - Don't Fear The Reaper
Lydia Lunch & Rowland S. Howard (Welcome To My Nightmare - A Tribute To Alice Cooper) - Black Juju
Thomas Dolby (The Flat Earth) - I Scare Myself
+ Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House [1979, cassette]
The Hit Crew (Scream Themes Horrors) - Frankenstein
Basil Rathbone (The Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection) - The Haunted Palace
+ Angoisse Et Epouvante [1991]
Eerie Ambience
Jimmy Page (Lucifer Rising) - Part One
The Gothsicles (Sega Lugosi's Dead) - Nine Dudes Freaking Out
Voicedude (Phantom Of The Mash-Upera) - The Monster Mashup
The Von Hoffman Orchestra (Monster U - Touchdown!) - Kiss The Bride
The Dead Elvi (Graveland) - Halloween (She's Coming)
The Moon-Rays (The Ghouls Go West) - Blues For Vampires
+ The Ultimate Halloween Party Album [CD 2, 2006]
Stratovarius (Fright Night) - Fright Night
DJ Throatslice (It Creeps!) - Burning Witches
Mad Tea Party (Rock-N-Roll Ghoul) - Dr. Phibes
Wynn Erickson (More Songs For All Hallows Eve) - Phantom Fugue
The Candy Spooky Theater (Living Dead Spooky Doll's Family In The Rock 'N Child's Spook Show Baby!!!) - Spook House
Monster's Halloween Party - Night On Bald Mountain Dance remix (Feat. Tom Rossi)
Isobel Campbell (Sunday At Devil Dirt) - The Raven
+ Halloween Horrors [Legacy]
WGN (Moon-Rays - Creature Features) - Creature Features Theme
Dead Vampires (The Day After Halloween) - Dead And Blue
Dead Man's Bones (Dead Man's Bones) - Werewolf Heart
The Cramps (Songs The Lord Taught Us) - Zombie Dance
Eerie Ambience
Buckethead (Mad Monster Party) - Frozen Brains Tell No Tales
Nekromantix (Life Is Grave & I Dig It) - Panic At The Morgue
Count Floyd (Count Floyd) - The Gory Story Of Duane And Debbie
The 3-D Invisibles (They Won't Stay Dead) - Graveyard Rockin'
+ Sounds From Beyond The Grave [2010]
The Deadly Ones (It's Monster Surfing Time) - It's Monster Surfing Time
Horrorpops (Kiss Kiss Kill Kill) - Horror Beach Part 2
John Otway (siys single) - Halloween
Cheekyboy (12 From The Crypt) - Dawn Of The Banshee
Dj Useo (Halloween 2010 EP) - Come Here
The Alan Parsons Project (Tales Of Mystery & Imagination) - The Fall Of The House Of Ushers: I. Prelude II. Arrival III. Intermezzo IV. Pavane V. Fall
+ Trick Or Treat [Legacy]
Tyler Bates (Halloween II [Score]) - Halloween Theme 2009
The Cure (4:13 Dream) - The Scream
Destini Beard with Midnight Syndicate (The Dark Masquerade) - Awaken ("Vampyre")
Toni Basil (Rockula) - The Night
In A World... (Hallows' Eve Volume II - The Horror) - Mummy's Minions
Eerie Ambience
The Zombeatles (Meat The Zombeatles!) - Dead Prudence
Eban Schletter (Witching Hour) - I've Created A Monster Monster (featuring Scott Aukerman)
Edgar Winter (Frankenstein 1984) - Frankenstein 1984
D1 (Hip Hop Halloween - The Haunted House Party) - Creep Walk
Zacherley (Interment For Two) - Monster Blues
Dan Blakeslee (Halloween Special) - The Headless Horseman
+ 99 Super Scary Sound Effects [2010]
Casper The Friendly Ghost (Haunted House Tales) - Where Do You Hide In A Haunted House?
Michael Hedstrom (Black Cat Thirteen) - Black Cat
Zombie Girl (The Halloween EP) - Halloween '09
+ Phantom Phavorites [1997]
Frank N. Stein (The Frankenstein Files) - Vampire Bat
Melissa!!! (Slutty Pumpkin Rally) - Vampire Dance
Creepy Clyde (Spooky Town) - Dracula's Castle
Goblin (Suspiria) - Suspiria (Daemonia Remix)
The Chills (Creepy Songs For Courageous Kids) - Ghost Story
Tino's Breaks (Hallowe'en Dub) - Footsteps Dub
Alan Black (Pumpkin' On Your Stereo) - E.V.P.
The Coffinshakers (Dark Wings Over Finland) - Halloween (Remix)
Eerie Ambience
Ne-Yo (Beautiful Monster Maxi Single) - Beautiful Monster (Sunday Terror Dub)
+ Horror Sounds Of The Night [1996, Paper Magic Group]
The Fuzztones (Halloween A Go-Go) - I'm The Wolfman
Hedgehog Coitus (The Were Wolf Suite) - The Were Wolf Suite Part 1
+ Haunted Mansion [2010, Target] Glenn & Christy (Night Of the Living Fuzz Club) - Wombat Twist
Satan's Pilgrims (Plymouth Rock - The Best Of...) - Haunted House Of Rock
The Ghastly Ones (A-Haunting We Will Go) - Ghastly Stomp / Hangman Hangten
Captain Clegg & The Night Creatures (Halloween II [Soundtrack]) - Honky Tonk Halloween
GGFH (Halloween) - Night Stalker
Hypnomen (Monster Party 2000) - The Pendulum
Zombina & The Skeletones (Halloween Party Classics) - Monster Mash
Neil Gaiman (The Graveyard Book) - It Was Dark In The Crypt (excerpt)
Mannheim Steamroller (Halloween) - Ride Of The Valkyries
Curricane (siys Halloween 2010) - The Fast Steppin Son Of A Witch!
+ Scary Sounds [1997, Columbia River]
Steve Quinn (Phantom Of The Mash-Upera) - Suzie Jackson's Evanescence Hannibal Beast Of Time
Intronautas (Tonadillas Para Un Guateque De Jaloguin) - Mi Padre Es Un Vampiro
+ Horror Sounds Of the Night [cassette]
Eerie Ambience
Tyler Bates (Halloween) - Halloween 2007
Nash The Slash (Thrash) - Vincent's Crow
The Primevals (Vindicated! - A Fleshtones Tribute) - Screamin' Skull
Frankenstein And The All-Star Monster Band (Frankenstein And The All-Star Monster Band) - Nightmares In The Sun
+ Screeches, Clanks & Howls [1993, K-Tel]
Ghouls (Dracula's Duece) - Monsterbilly Heaven
Pulsar (Halloween) - Halloween Part 2
+ Haunted Halloween - Spooky Sounds To Chill Your Bones [1991, cassette]
Squid Pro Quo (The Tulsa Project) - Sparky's Graveyard
Side Show (siys Halloween 2010) - Girl To Gorilla
Alien Sex Fiend (Too Much Acid?) - Nightmare Zone
Gruselserie (Horror Pop Sounds) - Grafin Draculas Song / Die Monstermumie / Frankensteins Labor / Insel des Schreckens
+ Scary Sounds Of Halloween
Meat Loaf (Monster Hits) - Bat Out Of Hell
Mr. Fab & His Bag O'Heads (Beast Of Monster Mashup) - Skeleton Crew
Grave Stompers (Rising From The Darkside) - Halloween in Haddonfield
Eerie Ambience
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Outro


Mr. Nuclear - Halloween Package
Aikea Elyse - Halloween Chauffeur & Art
DJ Zath & WARP Radio Network - Simulcast
Rock 'N' Roll Bella - Mrs. Halloween


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Happy Halloween!!! Love, Bella & Mr. Halloween!!!

NCH 2010 Horrifying Recommendations:

Casey Redmond - Strange Tales For Late At Night (2010)

(click the image to visit the Casey Redmond website)

Featuring Seven New Hair-Raising Tracks To Creep You Out!!!
Casey Redmond is in top form on this new folk rock horror CD and I highly recommend it!!!

Monster Mashup - Pumpkin' On Your Stereo / The Phantom Of The Mash-Upera (2010)

(click the image to visit the Monster Mashup website)

You'll Freak Out Over This Year's Double Dose of Monster Mashup CDs!!!

(click the image to visit the Monster Mashup website)

If you miss out on this incredible Halloween Treat your Halloween will turn out to be a stinkin' Trick!!!

Count Ridicula - The Vampire's Lament (2007)

(click the image to visit the Count Ridicula website)

This song will drain the blood right out of you!!!

Destini Beard with Midnight Syndicate - The Dead Masquerade (2010)

(click the image to visit the Midnight Syndicate website)

Midnight Syndicate - The Dead Matter (2010)

(click the image to visit the Midnight Syndicate website)

Music To Haunt Your Soul!!!

Selections from Epitath Records

Nekromantix - Life Is A Grave & I Dig It (2007)

(click the image to visit the Nekromantix webpage)

Horropops - Kiss Kiss Kill Kill (2008)

(click the image to visit the Horrorpops webpage)

Dead Man's Bones - Dead Man's Bones (2009)

(click the image to visit the Dead Man's Bones webpage)

Visit The Epitaph Records Website For More Killer Music From Hell-Cat Records & Anti- Records!!!

Vincent Price and Basil Rathbone - The Edgar Allan Poe Audio Collection (2000)

(click the image to visit the HarperCollins Audio website)

Spine Chilling Tales Of Horror (2002)

(click the image to visit the HarperCollins Audio website)

Neil Gaiman - The Graveyard Book Unabridged (2008)

(click the image to visit the HarperCollins Audio website)

Stories That Will Stir Your Bones!!!

Pamela Conn Beall and Susan Hagen Nipp - Wee Sing For Halloween (2002)

(click the image to visit the Wee Sing website)

Spooky Tunes for The Muchkins & Goblins!!!

Ministry - Every Day Is Halloween Greatest Tricks (2010)

(click the image to visit the Cleopatra Records website)

Rotten Remixes of Horrid Halloween Coffin Classic!!!


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