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31 OCTOBER 2009 - 7:00 PM - 2:30 AM

+ Screeches, Clanks & Howls (K-tel)
+ Scary Sounds Of Halloween (K-tel)
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Inno
Michael Jackson (Blood On The Dancefloor - HIStory In The Mix) - Is It Scary
Vic Mizzy - The Ghost And Mr. Chicken - Main Title / Chicken-Napped / The Haunted Organ (SIYS Luther Edit)
Michael Jackson (Thriller - 25th Anniversary Edition) - Thriller
Alice Cooper (Keepin' Halloween Alive single) - Keepin' Halloween Alive
Bauhaus (Gotham) - Bela Lugosi's Dead (Live)
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (edit x5)
Squid Pro Quo (The Tulsa Project) - The Tulsa Sound a. Dr. X b. Clarke's Bad Clones c. 900# Jesus Crossing d. The Reservoir Hillbillies e. Hex House f. Oom-a-Gog g. RIDESHY h. Lookout Mountain Oysters i. Capri Drive-In j. Scream In The Dark k. America's most beautiful test market l. Magic Empire
+ Scream (Direct Source)
DJ Throatslice (Flesh Eating Freaks) - The Haunted House
Monster's Holiday Party (Midnight Horror) - Toccata and Fugue in D Minor (Tom Rossi Dance Remix)
Eban Schletter (Witching Hour) - Witching Hour
In A World... (Hallows' Eve Volume III) - Witch's Lullaby
The Stems (Halloween A Go-Go) - She's A Monster
Mr. Fab And His Bag O' Heads (Mashing Pumpkins) - I Want My Mummy
Eerie Ambience
The Chills (Creepy Songs For Courageous Kids) - Haunting School
Monster U. (It's Party Time!) - Monster World
Casey Redmond (The Real Life Adventures Of A One Man Band) - The Werewolf Song
Wynn Erickson (All Hallows Eve) - All Hallows Eve
Family Force 5 (Keep The Party Alive) - Wake The Dead (Lalipop Remix)
Kidz Bop Kidz (Kidz Bop Halloween) - Who Let The Ghosts Out
Halloween Party (BMG) - Psycho Prelude/The Murder
House Made Of Dawn (Requiem) - Recordare
+ House Of Horrors (Halloween Haunted House Party - Allegro)
Mysterious Art (Omen - The Story) - Requiem (Instrumental Mix)
The 3-D Invisibles (Vampires A-Go Go) - Vampires A-Go Go
+ Professor Von Hoffman's Halloween Haunted Housewarming Haunted House CD
The Moon Rays (Swing' At The Seance) - Nightmare
D1 (Hip Hop Halloween - Haunted House Party) - Hunchbacks Cry In The Night
John Carpenter (Halloween) - Better Check The Kids
Midnight Syndicate (The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates) - Alchemist's Chamber
Smersh (The Greatest Story Ever Distorted) - Spook House
Chris & Cosey (Techno Primitiv) - Shivers
Scary Stories - Around the Fire With Uncle Guts (Allegro) - Birth Of Frankenstein
DJ Throatslice (Halloween 2009) - Undead
The Hit Crew (Songs Of Terror) - Crypt-O-Night
+ Scary Sounds Of Halloween (Noteworthy)
Eerie Ambience
Mannheim Steamroller (Halloween 2) - Trick Or Treat
The Neon Judgement (Mafu Cage And Extras) - Voodoo Nipplefield
Cabaret Voltaire (Red Mecca) - Black Mask
Spies Who Surf (Calling All Martians) - The Creep
Barnes & Barnes (Loozanteen) - The Invisible Maniac
+ Sounds Of Horror 2 (Madacy)
The Legendary Pink Dots (Shadow Weaver) - Twilight Hour
Duplex Halloween Planet (Hello Recording Club - October) - Halloween
Tino's Breaks (Hallowe'en Dub) - Vampire Circus Dub
Very Scary Night (PC Treasures) - Rattling Chains, Ghostly Moans, and Evil Laughter
Scott Upper (Rave-O-Ween) - Vampire Technotika
Spookhaus (Halloween Thirteen) - Hallows Eve Parts 1, 2 & 3
+ A Night In A Haunted House - A Night In A Graveyard (Symphonette Music)
Vasile Sirli & Jay Smith (Disneyland Paris) - Halloween - Halloween
+ Sounds Of Horror (PC Treasures)
Zacherley (Dead Man's Ball) - Formaldehyde
Bleed (Monster Party 2000) - The Goon
Gein And The Grave Robbers (Hang Ten) - One Last Scare
Eerie Ambience + SIYS Haunting
Halloween Fright Night (Madacy) - Bram Stroker's Dracula: The Beginning
In A World... (Hallows' Eve) - Dance Of The Spirits
Tyri Schiek (Haunted Motel) - I Don't Believe In Ghosts
Al Rita (Halloween Bash) - The Haunted House
Douglas Pipes (Trick 'r Treat) - Halloween Prank
+ Sounds Of Halloween (PC Treasures)
Ghouls (Dracula's Deuce) - Little Old Lady From Transylvania
RIAA (The Evil Twin Of Monster Mashup) - Casper The Friendly Queen
Pointy The Pyramid Pumpkin Band (Dr. Elmo Sings The Boos) - The Fly
+ Scary Sounds (PC Treasures)
The Fuzztones (Monster A Go-Go) - The Witch
Witchdoctors (Witchdoctors A Go-Go) - Death Ray '63
Nash The Slash (Children Of The Night) - Dead Man's Curve
The Groovie Ghoulies (Monster Club) - The King Kong Stomp
Creepy Clyde (Spook Town) - Zombies
Roky Erickson & The Explosives (Halloween - Live 1979-1981) - The Beast (Live)
The Ghastly Ones (A-Haunting We Will Go-Go) - The Boys Go Creeping... / Diablo's Theme
Bobby (Boris) Pickett (Monster Mash) - Sinister Stomp
Southern Culture On The Skids (Halloween Hootenanny) - Werewolf
Thin White Rope (TM Century Comedy Network - Week 365) - Burn The Flames
+ Halloween Horrors (PWM Masters)
+ Nuit D'Halloween
Dan Blakeslee (Halloween Special) - Playing With Organs
Johnny Fuller (Monster Rock 'N Roll Show) - Haunted House
Dj Engineer (Mashing Pumpkins) - Love Or Hate Halloween
Sue Schnitzer (Boo, Cackle, Trick Or Treat) - What Do You Like About Halloween?
Victor R. Vampire And Friends (It's Halloween) - Freaks Night Out (Instrumental)
Frankie Trumbauer And His Orchestra (Halloween Stomp) - Shivery Stomp
Tegan And Sara (Halloween A Go-Go) - Walking With A Ghost
Eerie Ambience
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Outro


Mr. Nuclear - 2009 Flier / NCH 1980 Show
Grandma Anne - 1961 Halloween Photo
Deya Holli - Candy & CD Player
Jocelyn Benko - CDs
Rafe Cantrell - CDs
Rock 'N' Roll Bella - Halloween Excursions


All the Independent Artists, Record Companies and Music Blogs that contributed to the program!!!


artist/group or album title - song/track title

(information in parenthesis which follow artist/group or album title) = album, compilation or soundtrack;
in instances of same name albums, information reflects record label

(information in parenthesis which follow song/track title) = version, mix, date, length or side

+ = played in entirety as eerie ambience background
(x) = excerpt
[] = notes/additinal info

The first Nightmare City Radio Halloween in 1979, created by Mr. Nuclear, was comedy theater featuring the Nuclear Funtime Players. It wasn't until the second show in 1980 that we began playing music and Stevo In Yr Stereo's very own "Eerie Ambience." So now on the 30th Anniversary to commemorate the birth of the show as it is today, the entire 3-hour 1980 show will be rebroadcast!

Stevo In Yr Stereo & Mr. Nuclear at the 1979 After Party!

Stevo In Yr Stereo at KGOU with Aum Jack-O-Lantern Halloween 1980!

Be sure to tune into Stevo In Yr Stereo on Halloween for the

Throughout The Month Of October & All Day Halloween!

Check out friends of NCH for more Halloween fun:

Find Halloween At


Mr. Nuclear's NCH Poster

Mr. Nuclear's NCH Postcard

NCH 2009 Horrifying Recommendations:

(click the image to visit Casey Redmond's website)

Casey Redmond - The Real Life Adventures Of A One Man Band! (2009)

Featuring The Howling Hit The Werwolf Song!!!

(click the image to visit the Witching Hour website)

Eban Schletter's Witching Hour (2008)

Absolutely Spooktastic!!!

DJ Throatslice - It Creeps (2008)

(click the images to visit the DJ Throatslice website)

DJ Throatslice - Flesh Eating Freaks (2009)

And, released just in time for Halloween:

(click the images to visit the DJ Throatslice website)

DJ Throatslice - Halloween 2009

Goriffic Horrorphonics!!!

(click the image to visit the Monster University website)

Monster U. - It's Party Time! (2009)

More Monstrosities From The Ghoulru Of Horror!!!
A NCH Exclusive!

(click the image to visit the Wicked Cool Records website)

Little Steven's Underground Garage presents Halloween A Go-Go (2008)

(click the image to visit the Shout! Factory website)

Alice Cooper - Keepin' Halloween Alive! (2009)

Finally, A Halloween Classic From The King Of Halloween!!!

Wynn Erickson - Songs For All Hallows Eve (2008)

Wynn Erickson - More Songs For All Hallows Eve (2008)

Wynn Erickson - Songs For All Hallows Eve 3 (2009)

Wynn Erickson - Halloween Night (2009)

(click the images to visit the Wynn Erickson website)

Wynn Erickson - Halloween Night 2 (2009)

Haunted Halloween Melodies!!!

In A World... - My Halloween (2007)

In A World... - Hallows' Eve (2007)

In A World... - Hallows' Eve Volume II: The Horror (2008)

(click the images to visit the In A World... website)

In A World... - Hallows' Eve Volume III: Dead Of Night (2009)

Terrifying Tunes, Tales Of Terror & Spooky Spaces!!!

Hallows' Eve series: Truly, This Is The Scariest Music & Sounds I Have Ever Heard!!!

Inner Splendor Media - Monster's Halloween Party (2008)

(click the images to visit the Inner Splendor Media Halloween Party Music website)

Inner Splendor Media - Midnight Horror (2009)

Cool Contemporary Classics for Corpses & Spooky Soundscapes!!!

(click the image to purchase D1 CDs)

D1 - Hip Hop Halloween - Haunted House Party (2007)

Bootiful Beats for Beasts!!!

(click the image to visit the Razor & Tie website)

Kidz Bop Halloween - Deluxe Edition (2008)

Kreepy Kidz Klassix!!!

Rude & Crude Sound Effects (2003)

Kids' Halloween Party (2005)

Graveyard Terror (2005)

Fright Night (2008)

Halloween Party Favorites (2009)

(click the images to visit the Allegro Music Group website)

Voices Of Terror (2009)

Halloween Treats For One & All!!!

(click the image to visit the Brainy Tunes website)

The Chills - Creepy Songs For Courageous Kids (2009)

Cool Ghoul Boogies!!!

Michael Jackson
29 August 1958 - 25 June 2009

Michael Jackson - Thriller
1983 - 13:42

Michael Jackson - Ghosts
1997 - 39:32

Vic Mizzy
9 January 1916 - 17 October 2009

Vic Mizzy - Addams Family TV Show Opening
1964 - 0:53

Vic Mizzy - The Ghost And Mr. Chicken Haunted Organ
1966 - 2:15

Vic Mizzy - The Ghost And Mr. Chicken - Main Title/Chick-Napped/The Haunted Organ (SIYS Luther Edit)
1966/2008 - 6:02

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