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31 OCTOBER 1991 - 10:30 PM - 2:00 AM

+ Halloween Sounds Of Horror (A)
Stan & Jan Berenstain (The Berenstain Bears) - Trick Or Treat Opening
Siouxsie And The Banshees - Halloween
+ Scary Sounds Of Halloween
Pupaum - Nightmare City Halloween (Part 1)
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Inno
+ Haunted House (A)
Mysterious Art - The Omen (Vogue Mix)
+ Halloween Sounds Of Horror (B)
The Residents (Freak Show) - Nobody Laughs When They Leave
Big Bee Kornegay (Monster Rock 'N' Roll) - At The House Of Frankenstein
original horror movie trailer (Monster Rock 'N Roll Show) - The Thing That Couldn't Die
The Green Slime (Monster Rock 'N Roll Show) - The Green Slime
+ Haunted House (B)
Hot Blood (Disco Dracula) - Soul Dracula
Stevo In Yr Stereo & Tom Pazen - ID
Alice Cooper - Billion Dollar Babies
+ Night In A Graveyard (A)
Zone - Ghosties
+ Sounds From A Night Of Terror
Front 242 - Mixed By Fear
Bobby (Boris) Pickett (Rhythm Sticks) - Monster Mash '89
+ Ghostly Sounds (Power Records) (A)
MC 900 Ft. Jesus - Falling Elevators
Industrial Artz "Xorcism" - Move To The Groove Or Be Removed (Blood Of A Pig Remix)
+ Ghostly Sounds (Power Records) (B)
Philip Martell/The Hammer City Orchestra (50 Years Of Classic Horror Film Music) - Fear In The Night
+ Night In A Graveyard (B)
Dean Gitter (Ghost Ballads) - Skin And Bone
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (A)
Louis Prima & Pee Wee Russell (Halloween Stomp) - Mr. Ghost Goes To Town
Jack The Ripper (I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon!) - I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon
Severed Heads - Wonder Of All The World
Mudhoney - Halloween
Stevo In Yr Stereo & Tom Pazen - ID
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (B)
U2 - The Fly
+ Sounds Of Horror
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (A)
Vision - Lucifer's Friend with (666)
Pupaum - Nightmare City Halloween (Part 2)
John Zacherle (Monster Mash) - Weird Watusi
New Order - Murder
+ Halloween (D Records) (A)
Fatal Attraction - Music To Be Murdered By (Criminal Mix)
Angelo Badalamenti (Twin Peaks) - Dance Of The Dream Man
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (B)
Stephan Schramm/Jonas Kvarnstrom (Music For Your Nightmare) - Torture Chamber
Blue Oyster Cult (Spectres) - Godzilla
original horror movie trailer (Monster Rock 'N Roll Show) - The Astro-Zombies
Howlin' Wolf (Monster Rock 'N Roll Show) - I Ain't Superstitious
+ Halloween Sound FX
+ Horrible Sounds Of Halloween (A)
The Fleshtones (Hexbreaker!) - Screamin' Skull
+ Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House (A)
The Darkside - Guitar Voodoo
Fairport Conventon (Liege & Lief) - Tam Lin
Stevo In Yr Stereo & Tom Pazen - ID
Samhain - Halloween II
The Octagon Man (The Demented Spirit) - Eigakan
+ Halloween Horror
+ Chilling, Thrilling Sounds Of The Haunted House (B)
Peter Ivers & David Lynch (Eraserhead) - In Heaven (Lady In The Radiator Song)
Alien Sex Fiend - Haunted House
Smersh - Spook House
Frankie Stein And His Ghouls (Monster Sounds And Dance Music) - A Hearse Is Not A Home
+ Mostly Ghostly (A)
The Shamen - Strange Days Dream
+ Elvira's Fright Tape (A)
Bob Jacobs (Ray Bradbury's Dark Carnival) - The Jar
The Beatles - She Said She Said
+ Mostly Ghostly (B)
+ Scary Sounds Of Halloween
Liaison D - Faces Of Horror
Tuxedomoon - Burning Trumpet
Young Fresh Fellows - Halloween 247
SPK - In Flagranto Delicto
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Outro


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