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31 OCTOBER 2008 - 7:00 PM - 2:30 AM

+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (edit) (Side 1 x 5)
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (Side 2 x 5)
The Other (The Place To Bleed) - Welcome
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Inno

Lucifer "Black Mass" 1971
1. Solomon's Ring (3.20)
2. The Ride of Aida (Voodoo) (3.07)
3. Incubus (3.29)
4. Black Mass (3.39)
5. The Evil Eye (2.10)
6. Exorcism (3.45)
7. The Philosopher's Stone (3.27)
8. Voices of the Dead (The Medium) (2.05)
9. Witch Trial (3.00)
10. ESP (1.01)
The Blobs (The Haunted Jukebox 9) - Son Of Blob

The 3-D Invisibles (Jump Off The Screen!) - Skeleton Rock & Roll
Scary Thieves (A New Wave Halloween Mix 2) - Halloween
El Creepo (featuring Vincent Price) (Night Of The Living Mashup) - To Become A Werewolf
The Moon-Rays (Swingin' At The Seance) - Haunted House Blues
Midnight Syndicate (The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates) - Called From Beyond
Rezurex (Psycho Radio) - Graveyard Girl
Zacherley (The Cool Ghoul) - Zombie Zoo
Sharkey Todd (The Haunted Jukebox 1) - The Cool Ghoul
Batmobile (Batmobile) - Frenzy
Jim Parker (Elvira's Vinyl Macabre) - The Vegas Vampire
Various Artists (DCM Halloween Remix Collection) - A Touch Of Halloween 1 (Club Cuts)
+ Sounds Of The Night
eerie ambience
+ Halloween Horrorscapes
Vic Mizzy (SIYS Halloween CD 2008) - The Ghost And Mr. Chicken - Main Title/Chicken-Napped/The Haunted Organ (SIYS Luther Mix)
The Method Actors (SIYS Halloween CD 2008) - Halloween
Sid Bass And His Orchestra (Happy Halloween 2007) - The House Is Haunted
The Rocky Horror Picture Show (The Haunted Jukebox 2) - Rocky Horror Picture Show Promo 1
Scotty MacGregor (The Haunted Jukebox 2) - I'm A Monster
The Crimson Ghosts (Dead Eyes Can See) - I Am Horror
Eddie Thomas (A Putrid Halloween) - Frankenstein Rock
The Misfits (Box Set disc 1) - Horror Business
eerie ambience with SIYS Poem Improv
Fred Schneider (A New Wave Halloween Mix 1) - I'm Gonna Haunt You
Dr. Slime & The Electric Coffins (It's Halloween) - It's Halloween
House Made Of Dawn (House Made Of Dawn) - Possess This...
LDM101 (Beat-Boot-Ique's Mashuptown Massacre) - Spooked
The Special Agents (Helloween 1) - The Spectre Walks
Halloween (Part One) Halloween
+ Spooky Sounds (DigiMusic)
Mannheim Steamroller (Halloween 2) - Mummy Walks
Sentinel Beast (Halloween 2007 Mix) - Phantom Of The Opera
Count Basie (YK Hallowen Mix - Et Tu, Morte?) - Dark Rapture
Aqua (Auqarius) - Halloween
Los Straitjackets (Monster Surf Party) - All Back To Drac's
eerie ambience
The Alan Parsons Project (featuring Arthur Brown) (Tales Of Mystery And Imagination) - The Tell-Tale Heart
Black Sabbath (Greatest Hits 1970-1978) - Black Sabbath
Franz Waxman (A History Of Horror 1) - The Bride Of Frankenstein: The Creature Of The Female Monster
Premiata Forneria Marconi (Dracula - Opera Rock) - Il Mio Nome E Dracula
The Doors (Happy Halloween) - Ghost Story
Robbie The Werewolf (Robison) (Live At The Waleback) - Count Dracula
The Ophilias (SIYS Halloween CD 2008) - The Night Of Halloween
+ 57 Haunted House Horrors
The Cool Ghoul (Phantasmagorical Funky Fonograf Record) - The Master Speaks
Camille Sauvage (Fantasmagories) - Terrifical Night
+ 57 Haunts Of Halloween
Spooky Music For Spooky Occassions (Playtime) - Spooky Music (Part One)
Spooky Music For Spooky Occassions (Playtime) - Spooky Music (Part Two)
eerie ambience
Maury Laws & Ethel Ennis (Mad Monster Martini Party) - Mad Monster Party (Theme)
The 3-D Invisibles (Vampires A-Go Go) - Monsters Across The USA
Bill Doggett (The Haunted Jukebox 3) - Monster Party
Douglas Byng (Halloween At MY(P)WHAE 5!) - I'm A Mummy
Una Mae Carlisle with The Don Redman Orchestra (Halloween At MY(P)WHAE 5!) - Strange
unknown (YK Halloween Mix - Pure Terror) - The Halloween Inquiry
Lil Big Lil & Shorty Tall Small (YK Halloween Mix - Pure Terror) - Rapsylvania '88
Screams For Tina (Screams For Tina) - Un Chien Andalou
The Fiend (Horror Rock Classics 1) - The Addams Family
eerie ambience
Helloween (Horror Fire) - Halloween Night
Penis Fly Trap (Tales Of Terror) - Village Of The Damned
Scientist (Rids The World Of The Evil Curse Of The Vampires) - The Mummy's Shroud
Dean Farnell (SIYS Halloween CD 2008) - Hallowe'en
The Haunted Mansion (Teacher's Edition) - Haunted Mansion: See Hear Read / Classroom Wrap-up
Lois Skiera-Zucek (Halloween Fun) - Halloween Party
+ Sounds From The Crypt
Lois Skiera-Zucek (Halloween Fun) - Halloween Sound Effects
eerie ambience
Philippe Sarde (Ghost Story) - Ghost Story
Midnight Syndicate (The Rage) - Theme From "The Rage"
Nekromantix (Dead Girls Don't Cry) - Where Do Monsters Go
Southern Culture On The Skids (Zombie Walkin') - Zombified
Screaming Lord Sutch (Parade Of The Damned) - Monster Man
The Emersons (I Was A Teenage Brain Surgeon) - Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde
Merv Griffin (The Haunted Jukebox 4) - House Of Horrors
The Coffinshakers (Halloween EP) - Halloween
John Zacherley (Twist Collection) - Frank And Drac Are Back
Alice Cooper (Happy Halloween) - This House Is Haunted
+ Haunted House (Allegro)
DJ Le Clown (Beat-Boot-Ique's Mashuptown Massacre) - Feed My Halloween
+ Hallmark Mega Halloween FX (SIYS)
The Pirates (A Putrid Halloween) - Castin' My Spell
Klute (Hallowen/Electric Circus) - Halloween
eerie ambience with Aikea reading "Upon Each Samhain" by David O. Norris (Halloween by Silver Ravenwolf)
The Hitmen (A New Wave Halloween Mix 1) - Bates Motel
Louis Armstrong (The Haunted Jukebox 5) - Spooks
+ Ghosts & Ghoul Sounds
Dickie Goodman (Elvira's Vinyl Macabre) - Horror Movies
Thos And The Tritonz (Halloween 2007 Mix) - Rock N' Roll Nightmare
Pulsar (Halloween) - Halloween Part 1
+ Graveyard Terror
Tombstone (Gothic Land) - Spectral Ruins
Dj Engineer (Night Of The Living Monster Mashup) - Jumpin' Candy Werewolf Creeps
+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (Timeless Media Group)
The Moon-Rays (Swingin' At The Seance) - The Headless Horseman
The Human League (A New Wave Halloween Mix 2) - Darkness (Afront's Transuranic Mix)
The Crimson Ghosts (Dead Eyes Can See) - Dead Eyes Can See
+ Thriller - Chiller Sound Effects Jerkin' James Whitcroft (YK Halloween Mix - Pure Terror) - Draculs'a Pajama Party
M83 (YK Halloween Mix - Pure Terror) - Car Chase Terror
The Ventures (Halloween At MY(P)WHAE 3 - Sci-Fi Halloween 1) - The Twilight Zone
Vaughn Monroe (The Haunted Jukebox 6) - (Ghost) Riders In The Sky
Midnight Syndicate (The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates) - Theme To "The Dead Matter" (A.B.T. Remix)
The 3-D Invisibles (They Won't Stay Dead) - They Won't Stay Dead
The Misfits (Box Set disc 3) - Halloween II
eerie ambience
Rezurex (Psycho Radio) - Vampira Calling
+ Haunted House Horrors
Jerry Goldsmith (A History Of Horror 2) - Poltergeist Main Theme
The Mighty Sparrows (Happy Halloween 2007) - Madame Dracula
The Best Tornados (Helloween 2) - Aloha From The Crypt
Sex With Lurch (Monster Surf Party) Monster Surf Party
+ Halloween: Party Music And Sound Effects - Sound Effects
Tony Casanova (The Haunted Jukebox 7) - The Grave
The Other (The Place To Bleed) - The Creature From Black Lagoon
Thee Phantom 5ive (Mondo Drive-In) - Mummy Walk
House Made Of Dawn (House Made Of Dawn) - The Pit And The Pendulous
Dean Farnell (Fun Songs For Halloween) - Ghost On The Stairs

Ataraxia "The Unexplained" 1975
1. Tarot (4.16)
2. Sorcerer (3.48)
3. Deja Vu (3.18)
4. Astral Projection (5.08)
5. Seance (4.14)
6. I Ching (3.50)
7. Cabala (3.26)
8. The Unexplained (3.05)
9. Wind Dance (3.20)

+ Sounds To Make You Shiver (edit) (Side 1 x 5) (x)
+ Trick Or Treat (x)
eerie ambience
Stevo In Yr Stereo - NCH Outro
eerie ambience

Many selections for this year's broadcast were downloaded from the Internet.


Bill Dann - Haunted Jukebox
Seth Glass - Server Benefactor
Aikea & Jaime - Transportation
DJ Zath - WARP Radio Network

Rock 'N' Roll Bella - Love & Support

All the Independent Artists, Record Companies and Music Blogs that contributed to the program!!!


artist/group or album title - song/track title

(information in parenthesis which follow artist/group or album title) = album, compilation or soundtrack;
in instances of same name albums, information reflects record label

(information in parenthesis which follow song/track title) = version, mix, date, length or side

+ = played in entirety as eerie ambience background
(x) = excerpt
[] = notes/additinal info


NCH 2008 Horrifying Recommendations:

(click image to visit the Halloween Art Exhibit website)

The Tenth Annual Halloween Art Exhibit
St. Paul's Cultural Center
2215 W. North Ave. Chicago
18 - 25 October 2007

(click the image to visit The 3-D Invisibles website)

complete discography

The 3-D Invisibles

Horror Rock At It's Very Creepiest!!!

(click the image to visit The Moon-Rays website)

The Moon-Rays - Swingin At The Seance (2008)

Nostalgic Spookfest!!!

(click the image to visit the Midnight Syndicate website)

Midnight Syndicate - The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates (2008)

Soundtrack to Midnight Syndicate's first feature film
The Dead Matter: Cemetery Gates
to be released in early 2009!!!

(click the image to visit the Midnight Syndicate website)

Midnight Syndicate - The Rage (2008)

Be sure to check out this other great Soundtrack from Midnight Syndicate!!!

(click the image to visit The Method Actors website)

The Method Actors - "Halloween" from Little Figures (1981)

Also, be sure to visit the Vic Varney website!!!

(click the image to visit The Haunted Jukebox website)

The Haunted Jukebox (2005-2006)

Incredible Monster Novelty 45 RPM Singles Collection!!!

New from Fiendforce Records:

The Crimson Ghosts - Dead Eyes Can See (2008)

The Other - The Place To Bleed (2008)

Rezurex - Psycho Radio (2008)
(click the album images to visit the Fiendforce Records website)

Great new Horrorpunk from Fiendforce Records!!!

(click the images to visit the Dean Farnell blog)

Dean Farnell - "Songs For Halloween" (2008)

Great Indie Spook Rock!!!

(click the images to visit the Monster Mash-Up website)

"Night Of The Living Monster Mash-Up" (2008)

Kickin' Halloween Mash-Ups!!!

(click the images to visit the Mannheim Steamroller website)

Mannheim Steamroller - "Halloween" (2003)
Mannheim Steamroller - "Halloween 2: Creature Collection" (2006)

Ultimate Electronic Haunted Music and EFX!!!

From Turn Up The Music:

(click the images to visit the Turn Up The Music website)

"57 Haunts Of Halloween" (2006)
"57 Haunted House Horrors" (2006)
"Songs Of Terror" (2008)
"75 Sinister Sounds" (2008)

Halloween Party Music and Sound Effects!!!

(click the images to visit the Sonic Realm website)

"Halloween Horrorscapes" (2007)

Auditory Nightmare!!!

(click the images to visit the House Made Of Dawn website)

"House Made Of Dawn" (2007)
House Made Of Dawn - "Requiem" (2008)

Haunted Industrial Horror Goth!!!

From Allegro Music - Columbia River Entertainment:

(click the images to visit the Allegro Music website)

"Ghost & Ghoul Sounds" (2002)
"Sounds From The Crypt" (2003)
"Graveyard Terror" (2005)
"Haunted House" (2005)
"98 Haunted Sounds" (2008)
"Scary Trick Or Treat Greetings" (2008)

Eerie Spooky Halloween Sound Effects!!!

Mort Garson
20 July 1924 - 4 January 2008

How Mort Garson inspired Nightmare City Halloween

Thirty-five years ago in 1973 I worked at "Scream In The Dark", Tulsa's ultimate Halloween haunted house attraction. Every night, all night long, the most incredible music played throughout the entire house. It was a cassette tape, looping the album "Black Mass" by Lucifer (Mort Garson), an incredible electronic music tour de force. I thought it was the most incredible music I had ever heard and that's when my love of Halloween music was born. Around this time, I purchased "Sounds To Make You Shiver!". It was my first Halloween sound effects album and I still think it's one of the best ever recorded.

The Music Man: Mort Garson
2006 - 9:25

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